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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 40, Earth-40.

Earth-Forty is a reconciliation attempt, primarily used to explain inconsistencies and non-canon events of Earth-Two.


It is inhabited by a Captain Thunder whose real identity was Billy Batson and variants of some Earth-One and Earth-Two characters.

Other defining characteristics are:

  • Superboy was raised in Metropolis instead of Smallville, and took a newsboy job at the Daily Planet where he met 21-year-old cub reporter Perry White.[1]
  • Wonder Woman fought in WWII[2] and had adventures similar to her Earth-Two counterpart, then at some point sacrificed her life during a Crisis, similar to the Earth-One Wonder Woman.[3] Subsequently, the Crisis erased her existence, along with Paradise Island, but not before Aphrodite saved Paradise Island's inhabitants by transforming them into constellations to separate them from the new reality.[4] Queen Hippolyta is depicted as a blonde rather than having brown hair as on Earth-Two.
  • Two-Face was originally an actor named Harvey Apollo who only had a very short criminal career before he died during an encounter with Batman.[5][6]
  • Bruce Wayne retired by the mid 1960's to make way for a new Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) team.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium stated that the following stories/comics were appearances of Earth-Forty:


  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium lists entire issues rather than specific stories, leaving the question if any non contradictory stories in those issues occurred on Earth-One, Earth-Forty, or both.
    • The Compendium lists Thrill Comics #1 (1940) as happening on Earth-Forty but doesn't count it as a first appearance (possibly because it was an ashcan comic)
    • The Compendium also doesn't count the 1943 Batman newspaper strip as a first appearance of Earth-Forty either (possibly because it wasn't an actual comic book).
  • The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia (2010) doesn't list Earth-Forty and assigns the "Golden Age" Wonder Woman stories to Earth-One resulting in those stories happening with variation on all three Earths.


  • If one counts Thrill Comics #1 (1940) as Earth-Forty's true first appearance and Convergence #0's implication that Earth-Two didn't appear until The Flash #123 then it is one of the three oldest alternate realities officially identified (the other two are Earth-Two-A and Earth-Quality). In any case Earth-Forty is the oldest official hypertime reality.

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