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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Prime Earth, Arrowverse: Earth-Prime, Earth-Prime Vol 1.

Earth-Prime is one of the infinite number of divergent realities that made up the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Multiverse. In the original Multiverse, Earth-Prime was presented as the "real" Earth, the actual reality where the readers lived, DC Comics operated as a publisher and all superheroes are fictional.



The Flash (Barry Allen) accidentally traveled there from Earth-One. The Flash, stranded, contacts DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, who helps him construct a cosmic treadmill to return to Earth-One. Eventually it was stated that the writers of DC Comics of Earth Prime unconsciously base their stories on the adventures of the heroes on Earth-One and Earth-Two.[1]

Earth Prime's Cary Bates travels to Earth-One, where he discovers that the stories he writes are not only based on events on Earth-One but can actually influence these events as well.[2] This power turns for the worse when Bates is accidentally transported to Earth-Two. The interdimensional trip temporarily turns Bates into a supervillain, and he quickly kills the Justice Society of America.[3] Luckily, fellow DC writer Elliot S! Maggin, with the help of the Justice League and the Spectre, is able to restore matters on both Earths.[4]

Earth-Prime's history significantly deviated from the "real" Earth's history with the advent of two native superheroes. The first, Ultraa, was the sole survivor of a destroyed alien world, rocketed to Earth-Prime as a baby. After his first encounter with the Justice League, Ultraa decided Earth-Prime was not ready for superheroes and relocated to Earth-One.[5]

The second superhero became known as Superboy-Prime. This Superboy's powers first manifested around the time of the passage of Halley's Comet on Earth-Prime. Just after manifesting his powers, Superboy-Prime met Earth-One's Superman.[6] Very soon thereafter, Earth-Prime was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superboy-Prime escaped his universe's destruction and later joined Earth-Two's Superman and Lois Lane Kent and Earth-Three's Alexander Luthor in a "paradise dimension". Superboy survived and reappeared at the dawn of a new crisis.


After the Crisis, a duplicate of the original Earth-Prime universe was first seen at the end of Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds. How, exactly, this new Earth-Prime was created remains unclear. It may have existed (unseen) since the introduction of the 52 multiverse, or it may have been created retroactively when the Time Trapper/Superboy-Prime was punched by the younger version of his own self at the the conclusion of Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds, which created a paradox that apparently destroyed them both (although Superboy-Prime was later seen alive and well on this new Earth-Prime). Post-Flashpoint, this new Earth-Prime reality was given the name Earth 33.

This new Earth-Prime reality differs from the pre-Crisis version in that super-powered aliens are known to have existed and openly interacted with 20th century Earth. The "Threeboot" alternate Legion of Super-Heroes are now stated to originate from this reality. Earth-Prime was restored in full to the Multiverse by the events of Convergence.

Points of Interest

  • Earth
    • Hampton Beach: Located in a small New England coastal community on Earth-Prime. This was where Superboy-Prime first discovered his Kryptonian heritage.
  • Krypton



  • In 2004, DC revisited the Earth-Prime concept in the miniseries Superman: Secret Identity. Writer Kurt Busiek states in the introduction to the collected volume of the series that the original appearance of Superboy-Prime was the inspiration for his graphic novel.
  • In Infinite Crisis #6 mini-series, a now villainous Superboy-Prime convinced Alexander Luthor Jr. that Earth-Prime was the ideal world and urged him to draw his inspiration for making a new Earth from Earth-Prime. As a sort of amusing hint that Earth-Prime was "our reality", Alexander Luthor's hands are seen reaching out from the page toward the reader.
  • Nor is this Earth to be mistaken for Earth-Q, which is also supposedly our Earth.


  • Post-Crisis, when there was no longer an Earth-Prime or greater multiverse, Ultraa was retconned into being from the planet Almerac, homeworld of Maxima.

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