Earth-Q was a world created by Superman.

The world called "Earth-Q" was created within the infant universe of Qwewq via "a nano-optical transfusion of solar energy" to see if a world without a Superman, nor any superheroes, could work. Developing at a hyper-accelerated rate (having been born at 12:00 AM, civilization emerged less than a second before midnight), the Earth proceeded to develop without a Superman; instead, the humans on Earth Q made their own, first in the form of mythologies and gods, then in the philosophical musings of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola and Friedrich Nietzsche, and finally in the form of a comic book character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

  • While Alexander Luthor mentions an "Earth-Q" it is unknown if this was the reality he was referencing. In any case its exact relationship to the pre-Crisis multiverse, hypertime, or the 52 is unknown.
  • According to creator Grant Morrison, Earth Q is to be understood as being our Earth. Were this true, then due to the time differential between our reality and that of the world of All-Star Superman, Superman's final adventure would not yet be concluded from our perspective, nor would it be for billions of years.



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