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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-12, Earth 12.

Earth-Twelve was a comical universe where a superteam called the Inferior Five lived, as did a version of Plastic Man who was actually the son of the original.


During World War II, the Freedom Brigade fought the Axis Powers and villains like the Masked Swastika, the Sparrow, and Silver Sorceress. After the war, the Brigade managed to eradicate crime in the city of Megalopolis in 1946 and retired. 20 years later, a new villain, Dr. Gruesome, surfaced, and the Patriot and Lady Liberty coordinated with their former teammates to have their children form a new team: the Inferior Five.

Earth-Twelve also had local versions of most of the major superheroes of Earth-One. Jerry Lewis lived in this universe, where he shared adventures with Superman[1], Batman[2] and Wonder Woman[3]. Batman also had a TV series in Earth-Twelve, then his identity was public there.

It was assumed that Earth-Twelve was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths but that was thrown into doubt when the Atom and Flash of Earth-898 glimpsed the Inferior Five on their way home indicated that the reality (or a very close analog) existed in hypertime.

In any case, Convergence retroactively prevented the destruction of the Pre-Crisis Multiverse but resulted in an "updated" form. How (or even if) this affected Earth-Twelve is unknown.



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