In this alternate world Superman worked for the Daily Planet under editor George Taylor who was replaced by editor Perry White in 1940[1], fought a bald Lex Luthor beginning in 1941.[2], and demonstrated "super muscular control" which allowed him to contort his face into any form of disguise that he wished in 1942[3] (a power lost for undisclosed reasons in 1947).

The Superman of this reality was "born of the super-race on the far planet Krypton" but also had super strength, invulnerability and a costume as a baby.[4]

Kryptonite could be either red[5] or green though they functioned identically.

This reality also had its own version of the 1940s Superman Cartoons that had an episode between Mad Scientist and The Mechanical Monsters.[6]

This may have been the reality where Brainiac was a biological being rather than an android.[7]

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.


  • In what would be Earth-Two Kent worked for the Daily Star, his editor was George Taylor, and Perry White was a long-time reporter who worked for the Star even after Clark Kent was promoted to editor in the 1950s.[8]
  • This Earth was originally named by E. Nelson Bridwell in the Superman Family letters page[9] and was used to explain the discrepancies between Earth-Two Superman and the actual Golden Age comic Superman stories.
  • This Earth was formally canonized in The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index (March 1986) under the name Alternate Earth-Two. Following the naming convention for Earths this becomes "Earth-Two Alternate" or simply Earth-Two-A.
  • In Omniverse #1 (1977), Mark Gruenwald used the discrepancies between Earth-Two and the actual Golden Age comics in conjunction with the Super-Sons stories to suggest the existence of an "Earth-E" but the relationship of that Earth to Earth-Two-A, the later Super-Sons Earths of 154 and 216, or Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium's missing Earth-Forty-Six is unknown.
  • According to Gruenwald the majority of Superman and Batman stories between All-Star Comics #57 and The Brave and the Bold #28 happened on "Earth-E".
  • For simplicity's sake it will be assumed that Earth-Two-A was a hypertime reality that regularly interacted with Earth-Two and Earth-One. This would explain how Superboy stories of the 1940's and 50's could be supposed flashbacks of the then current (Golden Age) Superman - Earth-Two-A caused the Earth-Two Superman to remember things that had actually happened to his Earth-One or Earth-Two-A counterpart.


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