Earth-X was a parallel Earth in the Pre-Crisis Multiverse, on which Germany won World War II.

The Freedom Fighters, originally from Earth-Two, migrated to Earth-X in 1942 to help fight Hitler but American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed away from a heart attack in 1944, leaving the country in such a state that Nazi Germany was able to develop atomic weaponry.

By this point, both countries were reluctant to use such destructive capabilities against the other for fear of retaliation that the conflict continued using conventional warfare. The war dragged on until Adolf Hitler's Nazi war machine had developed mind control technology that weakened the opposition's willpower ending the war in 1968 with complete Nazi victory.

However, some proved to be immune to the effects of the mind control devices, and small resistance pockets began to form in various cities.

Japan was originally an ally of the Nazis, but, when they seemed to have won the war and laid down their arms, the Nazis betrayed them.[1]

In 1973, members of the Justice League of America from Earth-One and the Justice Society of America from Earth-Two arrived on Earth-X by way of a Transmatter Cube accident. They paired off with various members of the Freedom Fighters and helped them fight the Nazi threat.

It was revealed that a computer brain had taken control from the Nazis and replaced the leaders with android replicas.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, some of the history of Earth-X was merged with Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-Four, and Earth-S to form one composite universe. A similar reality (called Earth-10) was created at the end of the 52 series and a reality called Earth 10 appeared after Flashpoint.

The original Earth-X (Two) was restored to the Multiverse by the events of Convergence.



  • According to the Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index, the Quality characters, before the DC revamping event called "Crisis on Infinite Earths", existed on two separate realities in the DC Multiverse: Earth-Quality and Earth-X.
  • Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index confirmed the death of Red Bee, Invisible Hood, Miss America, and Red Torpedo on this Earth and speculated that the Blackhawks, Plastic Man, Spider, and the Dan Richards Manhunter had also perished.
  • Many Quality Comics characters had counterparts on Earth-Two, who migrated, in three groups, from that world to Earth-X. Their adventures diverged, (in Summer 1941, on 23 February 1942, and on 1 April 1942), from those of the Quality Universe versions of these characters.
    • Pearl Harbor migration, Summer 1941:
      • Hourman (later returned to Earth-Two)
      • Invisible Hood
      • Magno
      • Miss America
      • Neon
      • Red Torpedo
      • Uncle Sam (later returned to Earth-Two)
    • Santa Barbara migration, February 1942:
      • Black Condor
      • Doll Man
      • Human Bomb
      • Phantom Lady
      • The Ray
      • Red Bee
      • Uncle Sam (later returned to Earth-Two)
    • Final migration, April 1942:
      • Black Condor (again)
      • Blackhawk Squadron
      • Doll Man (again)
      • Firebrand
      • Human Bomb (again)
      • Jester
      • Manhunter
      • Midnight
      • Phantom Lady (again)
      • Plastic Man
      • Quicksilver
      • Ray (again)
      • Spider
      • Uncle Sam (again)
  • Because a totally different reality was called Earth-X in the earlier Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #93 the Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium named that reality Earth-X (One) and this reality Earth-X (Two)
  • Despite the similarities in the names the Marvel Earth-X is a totally different reality from this or Earth-X (One).


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