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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Arrowverse: Earth-X, Earth-10, Earth 10.

Earth-X was a parallel Earth in the Pre-Crisis Multiverse, on which Germany won World War II. All of Earth-X's superheroes and most or all of its masked adventurers were immigrants from Earth-Two.


Earth-X had no history of superhuman activity, and few if any masked or costumed adventurers, until the beginning of World War II.

Summer of 1941, 1st wave

Uncle Sam himself showed up on Earth-X, bringing with him a squad of volunteer "mystery men" from Earth-Two. These inter-dimensional adventurers included:

February 1942, 2nd wave

April 1942, 3rd wave


On Earth-Two, and most "nearby" parallel Earths, President Franklin D. Roosevelt died of a stroke, on April 12th, 1945. On Earth-X, FDR passed away from a heart attack, in 1944. Also at this time, Nazi Germany was able to develop atomic weapons. The Axis and the Allies now faced the prospect of Mutually Assured Destruction, but for the time being, the conventional warfare continued.


This went on until 1968, when Adolf Hitler's Nazi war machine developed a system of mind-control technology, which worked directly on the enemy's will to fight. After that, the war ended very quickly, with complete Nazi victory. Very shortly later, the Nazis double-crossed their erstwhile Axis partner Japan, and turned this technology on them as well.[1]

However, here and there around the world, some individuals proved to be immune to the effects of the mind control devices, and small pockets of resistance began to form in various cities.


In 1973, members of the Justice League of America from Earth-One and the Justice Society of America from Earth-Two arrived on Earth-X by way of a Transmatter Cube accident. They teamed up with various members of the Freedom Fighters and helped them fight the Nazi threat. As the struggle unfolded, it was revealed that a computer brain had taken control from the Nazis, and replaced their leaders with android replicas.




  • According to the Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index, the Quality characters, before the DC revamping event called "Crisis on Infinite Earths", existed on two separate realities in the DC Multiverse: Earth-Quality and Earth-X.
  • Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index confirmed the death of Red Bee, Invisible Hood, Miss America, and Red Torpedo on this Earth and speculated that the Blackhawks, Plastic Man, Spider, and the Dan Richards Manhunter had also perished.
  • Many Quality Comics characters had counterparts on Earth-Two, who migrated, in three groups, from that world to Earth-X. Their adventures diverged, (in Summer 1941, on 23 February 1942, and on 1 April 1942), from those of the Quality Universe versions of these characters.
  • Swamp Thing Vol 2 153 features an Earth-X analogue where the Nazis never were defeated. In 1995, Hitler's son is the new Führer, married to Marilyn Monroe, who has not commited suicide in that universe. All ethnic groups except white ones had been exterminated, hunger and poverty had been eradicated, and the civilization lived in harmony with the nature, without pollutants.
  • Because a totally different reality was called Earth-X in the earlier Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #93 the Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium named that reality Earth-X (One) and this reality Earth-X (Two) Despite the similarities in the names the Marvel Earth-X is a totally different reality from this or Earth-X (One).

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