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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 22, Earth-22.

Earth -22 is a world from the Dark Multiverse and thus was destined to be destroyed from the moment of its creation.


On this world, a dying Joker launched a final rampage that pushed Batman into finally executing him; however, embedded within the Clown Prince of Crime and activated upon his death was a purified strain of the Joker toxin, transforming his rival into his successor, The Batman Who Laughs. This new monster - possessed of the Joker's morality but Batman's raw ability - slaughtered his way across the planet, from his allies in the Bat-Family to the other members of the Justice League, until it was left a desolate wasteland.



  • The events leading to the rise of the Batman Who Laughs may be a reference to the true Earth 22, where the murder of the Joker leads to an apocalyptic outcome.

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