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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 44, Earth-44.

Earth -44 is a world from the Dark Multiverse and thus was destined to be destroyed from the moment of its creation.


On this world, several of Batman's enemies, led by Bane, invaded the Batcave and tortured Alfred Pennyworth to his death. In mourning, this world's Batman asked for Cyborg's help in creating an A.I. based on his butler's mind. They succeeded, but their creation, called the Alfred Protocol, went rogue and killed all the inmates from Arkham and Bane as the latter tried to flee Gotham. The A.I. then fused with Batman, excising his ability to feel fear, remorse or pain, and thus erasing his humanity. The newly born Murder Machine then went on a rampage and used his abilities to kill all the members of this world's Justice League, despite Cyborg's efforts to elicit a change of behaviour from Bruce. After this, Batman failed to preserve his world, learning that it was destined to be destroyed. The current state of Earth -44 is unknown.



  • The fact that the Murder Machine, a cybernetic Batman, comes from Earth -44 may be a reference to the real Earth 44, where the Metal Men are the Justice League.

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