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Earth 118 is a reality in the new infinite Multiverse created during the Dark Crisis. It is a world stuck in the medieval period, ruled by superstition rather than science.


In the Beginning

Many years ago on Mars the White Martians, under the leadership of a supremacist fanatic named Protex, attempted to enslave the Green Martians. This sparked a bloody civil war which left Mars devastated and only a few survivors on each side. Although there was nothing left worth fighting for, Protex was determined to exterminate the Greens if he could not rule them. He hunted down and killed the last Greens, although a single survivor named J'onn J'onzz managed to escape to Earth. J'onn assumed the identity of a knight-errant named Alfred and eventually found a home in the court of King Thomas and Queen Martha. However, unbeknownst to J'onn, the White Martians had followed him to Earth and planned to take the world for themselves.[1][2] When they arrived, John Constantine had a vision of demons in human form who would bring death and destruction to the world.[3]

When Krypton exploded, Jor-El and Lara escaped to Earth and landed in the Kingdom of the Waynes.[3] Soon after they arrived on Earth, Lara gave birth to their son Kal-El, and the Kryptonians made their home in a secluded cottage in the woods, planning to hide from the world. However, they were forced to reveal themselves to save the kingdom from a volcano.

Jor-El and Lara became friends and advisors to King Thomas, but Jor-El had a brief affair with Queen Martha that resulted in a son, Bruce. This could have destroyed both couples, but instead it only brought the families closer together. Lara also gave birth to another child, a girl named Zala.[4]

The Gathering Storm

Some years later, Thomas and Martha were assassinated by their resentful former advisor Luthor, now known as the Green Man.[4] Bruce refused to claim the throne, as he was a bastard, and so Jor-El and Lara reluctantly became king and queen of the land. The Kryptonians' power, and their policy of imprisoning anyone in the kingdom who possessed unusual abilities, fuelled fear and suspicion among the neighbouring kingdoms; particularly the Kingdom of the Storms led by King Jefferson.[3]

Amanda Waller, the general of the El's armies, believed that anyone who possessed abnormal abilities was a threat to the kingdom, including the El's. Although she pretended to be loyal to the El's, she secretly plotted to kill them and take the throne for herself. She discovered the White Martians and made a deal to help them foment a war between the El's, Amazons and the Kingdom of Storms, which would destroy all the world's superpowered protectors and allow the Martians to easily take over Earth. In return the invaders promised to leave the Lands of El untouched and under her rule, although both she and Protex planned to betray the other after the Amazons, Kryptonians and weather wielders were dead.[5][6]

Believing the Kryptonians were the demons from Constantine's prophecy, King Jefferson had Jor-El assassinated with a magic arrow.[3] In retaliation, Zala seemingly murdered both Jefferson and his son Prince Jacob.[7][8] In reality this was a White Martian assuming her form in order to spark a war between the two kingdoms.[1]

War for the Three Kingdoms

Jefferson's daughter Queen Anissa declared war on the House of El. Although Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons had attempted to remain neutral, they were honour-bound to join the war on the Kingdom of Storms' side.[9] The Kingdom of the Storms and the Amazons marched on the Castle of El, where Hippolyta offered the El's one last chance to surrender without bloodshed. However, to everyone's shock, Lara murdered her with her heat vision.[10]

Grief stricken, Hippolyta's daughter Diana ordered the Amazons to attack and the two sides fought a brutal pitched battle. However, in the midst of the chaos, another Lara flew down and attacked the one who had killed Hippolyta. Alfred recognised the first Lara as a White Martian and yelled for someone to attack her with fire. The White Martian was hit with a flaming arrow and fled, revealing its true form.[1]

The Winds of War

With the Whites revealed to the world, the three kingdoms decided to unite to oppose them.[2] Waller attempted to break up the alliance as it would make the kingdoms too strong for the Martians to defeat, telling Lara that the Amazons and the Kingdom of Storms were the Kingdom of El's true enemies.[5] When that failed, she returned to Protex's hideout and told him that she would bring down the defences around the castle and allow the Martians to kill the rulers in a shock assault, but the defenders were ready for them. By working together, the leaders of the three kingdoms were able to easily defeat the Martians. Alfred discovered Waller's treachery, but she murdered him to keep it hidden. The three kingdoms united into The League to defend against any further threats.[6]

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