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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-15, Earth-Fifteen.

Earth 15 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


A graveyard universe, once home to a virtually perfected Earth prior to the events of Flashpoint as Earth-15 before being destroyed by the mad Superboy Prime. Now entirely barren, all that remains of this dimension is the mysterious Cosmic Grail, lost somewhere amidst the 52 universes of the Multiverse.[1]

The universe's reality was modified by Green Lantern Hal Jordan into one populated by heroes whose personality was opposite to their Prime Earth counterparts, after Controller Mu tried to use the Miracle Machine to alter the timeline of Prime Earth and erase the Green Lantern Corps from history.[2]


  • Blackstars
  • Golden Lantern
  • Justice League
  • Volthoom


  • First of the Earths to be destroyed by Superman-Prime.
  • The home universe of Volthoom, the First Lantern.
  • This world is a direct continuation of the pre-Flashpoint Earth-15, though now all life rather than just the Earth had been annihilated.
  • Earth 15 is opposite Earth 17 in the structure of the Multiverse.
  • Earth 15 is part of the area in the local Multiverse termed "The Gloaming" with Earths 3, 10, 13, 19, 37, 40 and 43; it was once part of "The Brightlands" with Earths 5, 8 and 51 prior to its destruction.
  • The events of Final Night seem to exist on this earth when Hal Jordan altered it.[3]

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