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Earth 29 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


Earth 29 - known to its inhabitants as Htrae - exists in the Bizarroverse, its damaged laws of physics giving rise to Bizarros such as the Unjustice League of Unamerica and their pointless adventures, as well as Nnar, home of Adam Familiar; Sram, the overpopulated homeworld of the Sramian Snitch; Raganaht, birth place of Bizarro-Manhawk; Ao of the Dismissers of the Universe; and more.

This planet seems to orbit a cube shaped Blue Star, as well as having a cheese-made satellite which is also cube shaped.[2]

Following several multiversal upheavals, including the restoration of the history of the Multiverse and the Infinite Earths, Earth 29 was one of many deemed missing by the Flash. This greatly upset Bizzaro.[3]

Points of Interest

  • Nnar
  • Sram
  • Raganaht
  • Ao
  • Bizarranch[4]
  • Bizopolis/Mutropoliz[4]



  • This world is based on the earlier concepts of Htrae and the Interregnum Multiverse Earth-0.
  • Earth 29 is opposite Earth 14 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is the closest known universe in it to the Nightmare side of Dream's realm, the "Chaos" aspect of the Sphere of the Gods.
  • There are numerous observed inconsistencies between the appearances of Earth 29 in the Multiversity Guidebook and Action Comics #40, particularly two very different depictions of Wonder Woman (an ordinary Bizarro in the former, a statue in the latter) and different names for their Justice League (the Unjustice League of Unamerica or the Injustice League), but given the backwards and contradictory nature of Bizarros, and the bent physics of the universe itself, this is perhaps to be expected.
  • Before its first official appearance on the Guidebook, Htrae made a cameo in the first issue of the Earth 2: World's End series.[5]

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