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"One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Three: Running On Empty": Under cover of darkness, Batman is going to war with Nimbus Solutions. He is going to break in to the office of the head executive, while his comrades, Red Arrow and Ted Grant, come onto the main lot. Red Arrow and Grant run immediately

Quote1.png Once the city populations learn that there are no energy reserves to fight over it's gonna get sketchy. Can you say, "total collapse of civilization", Miss Lane? We'll be fighting with out bare hands over the last remaining molecules of water. It'll be like a George Miller flick. Without the muscle cars. Quote2.png

Earth 2: Society #10 is an issue of the series Earth 2: Society (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2016. It was published on March 9, 2016.

Synopsis for "One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Three: Running On Empty"

Under cover of darkness, Batman is going to war with Nimbus Solutions. He is going to break in to the office of the head executive, while his comrades, Red Arrow and Ted Grant, come onto the main lot. Red Arrow and Grant run immediately into a cadre of security guards. Taking advantage of the distraction, Batman comes through the window, coming face-to-face with Kyle Nimbus, the executive. Nimbus' response to the intrusion is a disconnect and boredom which admits no wrongdoing, admitting remorse for neither his links with organized crime nor the carcinogenic nature of his company's product.

Kyle Nimbus's sole response is to press a button summoning a lackey. He admits that he expected a Wonder to one day try to take him on, so he decided to invest in an "open carry license" - at which point the summoned underling is revealed as Hourman.

In Neotropolis, Green Lantern in briefing the World Army on the revelation that Earth 2 has no geology. There are no fossil fuels or mineral reserves. Their society's stored power will run out sooner or later, at which point life on the planet will not be viable. Wes Dodds suggested resorting to wood-burning technology, but Lois Lane points out that they need the trees for paper. Sonia Sato's suggestion of hydropower and windmills would work, but require an initial power/material outlay that they literally don't have time for. Captain Steel suggests solar panels, and Superman provides insight: the two suns of this system produce fluctuating power, and the hard radiation is difficult to adapt as it seems unknown to current science.

This is a problem, because the Ark Home/Erebus conflict is fully underway. Worse, it now needs to be quelled by conventional forces, due to rising anti-Wonder sentiment which is being exacerbated by the Anarky protestors. Superman stands up, announcing that he is renouncing his title and its attendant heroics to focus on the solar power problem. He plays a news broadcast - Martha Kent, mother of the original Superman, has joined the protestors, complaining that Wonders need to "stop playing God". Superman - Val - thinks that people need to be able to access power for society to function fairly. All kinds of power.

In Ark Home City, Flash and Khalid Bin-Hassan are watching a protest in person. Khalid mentions that he is worried for Hawkgirl. The remaining shards of the broken Helmet of Fate are attuned to him, and sometimes give him insight in the form of prophetic dreams.

In Amazonia, Hawkgirl records a final message on her helmet's video equipment. The Amazons are blocking all signals out, so Hawkgirl is going to make a run for it. Fury is plotting to take over the world, and has alluded to sacrificing the lives of the TSS Aphrodite refugees to do it.

Hawkgirl is suddenly met by Nadiya, a guard assigned to her, who says that Hawkgirl cannot leave, at which point Hawkgirl attacks her. Nadiya proves at least Hawkgirl's equal as a warrior, and far hardier. Hawkgirl acknowledges as much as she struggles to escape the other woman';s grip. But, Hawkgirl has one advantage - Nadiya can't fly. Flying them both through a window, Hawkgirl rams Nadiya into the ground and stands up - and comes face-to-face with Fury, in a secret meeting with Queen Marella of New Atlantis. Marella insists that the meeting must be kept secret by murdering Hawkgirl, but Fury insists that this won't be a problem as Hawkgirl is her friend. Hawkgirl internally curses that this has destroyed her escape plan.

Back in New Gotham, Batman is ably dodging Hourman while trying to argue his case. Hourman has arguments of his own, but they make little sense, and Kyle Nimbus admits that he is controlling Hourman's mind in some fashion. As Nimbus goes to leave, Batman creates an opening and throws a batarang at Nimbus... which passes through Nimbus. Nimbus admits that he has powers, but still dislikes costumed Wonders on general principal. He throws the batarang back at Batman, hitting him in the shoulder, then leaves. As Batman recovers, Hourman looms over him, and Batman desperately calls over the radio for Red Arrow and Grant!

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