"One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Four: Together, Alone": Responding to an emergency message from Batman, Red Arrow and Ted Grant burst through a window to discover that Batman has already defeated the superhuman Hourman. Their confusion is cut short when Batman orders them to track down Kyle Nim

Quote1.png You think you're so special. You're the biggest monsters of all. Quote2.png
Governor Sackoff

Earth 2: Society #11 is an issue of the series Earth 2: Society (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2016. It was published on April 13, 2016.

Synopsis for "One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Four: Together, Alone"

Responding to an emergency message from Batman, Red Arrow and Ted Grant burst through a window to discover that Batman has already defeated the superhuman Hourman. Their confusion is cut short when Batman orders them to track down Kyle Nimbus, the executive they came here to fight, who it turns out is a Wonder with undisclosed metahuman powers.

As the leave, Batman smacks Hourman awake and explains that he dosed Hourman with a formula that neutralized the Miraclo super-drug in his blood. Nimbus dosed Hourman's Miraclo with a mind control chemical, which is how he ended up working for another metahuman demagogue. But with help, he could be a great benefit to society.

Elsewhere in the building, Red Arrow is suddenly tossed aside by a man made of mist, who rounds on Ted Grant and starts punching him.

In Neotropolis, Commander Sonia Sato of the World Army is discussing Green Lantern's plan to solve the Ark Home Colony/Erebus City conflict with a peace conference. Her subordinate, Sandman, thinks that this will end in failure. Green Lantern fought against dictators like Steppenwolf and Terry Sloan because of his belief in free will, but if other people's free will clashes with his goals, he can do nothing about it. He proposes that the World Army initiate a plan called Security Protocol Twelve, which horrifies the other two.

On the border uplands between Ark Home Colony and Erebus City, Green Lantern has used his powers to construct an easy-to-find hall where the talks can take place. However, the leaders of the two cities are unimpressed and hostile. Governor Rudell of Erebus City establishes immediately that both leaders are the same kind of man, united in their bellicose defense of their constituents and their distrust of Wonders, differing only in which city they represent. The other Wonders stand awkwardly, as the two leaders mock Green Lantern, saying they will consider peace if their energy needs are met.

Green Lantern drops the revelation: there are no energy reserves anywhere on the planet. In the shocked silence, the other Wonders know this was the wrong thing to say... especially since the two leaders immediately come to the conclusion that the only way either city can flourish is by destroying the other and taking all their resources.

As they turn to leave, both men exchange commiseration over the mutual genocide that their armies are about to perpetrate. Green Lantern begs them to reconsider, but they throw his offer back in his face. Wonders and New Gods were the cause of the destruction of the rich old Earth, and brought them to the poor new Earth. Wonders like him are to blame for this conflict, and so in their eyes, the horrors they are about to perpetrate are his fault.

In the subsequent embarrassed silence, Flash remarks that the meeting could have gone worse, but he cannot imagine what that would look like.

In Amazonia in the Southern Wilderness, Fury is explaining her position to Hawkgirl. Amazonia and New Atlantis have brought much wisdom and insight from the antiquity of Earth. Both nations are feared outliers on this new world. It made sense for them to unite. Together, they can provide the kind of strength that can rule this world, as well as the kind of wisdom to rule well.

Fury directs Hawkgirl's attention to a device in the room, The Pandora Vessel. When the Amazons finally marched off to war against Steppenwolf, all those years ago, they copied their minds and their strength into it. When Earth burned, Fury brought it with her, in the hopes that with some ingenuity, her mother's people could live again. But when the TSS Aphrodite crashed, the reactor ruptured, and every single one of its 77,000 passengers received a fatal dose of radiation. And so Fury made a terrible choice, and opened the Pandora Vessel. The energies and memories of the Amazons were granted to the passengers, creating a new people with the memories of both groups. All of the passengers became adult women - but all the passengers survived, because Fury was wiling to set her history on fire to save their lives. And with this dedication, she believes he can save the world.

In New Gotham, Kyle Nimbus is handily fighting both Red Arrow and Ted Grant, as the two men realise that he cannot punch and remain mist at the same time. Red Arrow vanishes, and Nimbus decides to finish off Ted Grant. As superhuman punch batter him, Nimbus belittles him, complaining that he didn't even bring a cape. Ted Grant says he has the amazing ability to take a hit, and that while Nimbus is focused on him, he cannot fight anyone else. At this point, Red Arrow strikes the solid Nimbus with a taser arrow, allowing the heroes to carry the day.

In Neotropolis, Green Lantern is talking with the World Army leaders. Sandman is dismissive of Green Lantern's idealism, and Sonia Sato says she will now implement Security Protocol Twelve - global martial law. It is the only tactic they have left. With metahuman support, their troops can kill all opposition and bring any potential conflict to a speedy end.

Green Lantern does not believe this is the way forward, but Sandman voices the World Army's position - they must find a way to achieve peace, even if he doesn't approve of them.

Appearing in "One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Four: Together, Alone"

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  • Governor Galen Sackoff
  • Governor Rudell
  • Hourman


  • Earth 2
    • Amazonia
    • Neotropolis
    • New Gotham


  • Pandora Vessel


  • Ark Ships
    • TSS Aphrodite (Destroyed)


  • In the final scene, Green Lantern refers to the Wonders of the World as "the Justice Society".

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