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"One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Two: World-Leader Pretend": In the hidden city of Amazonia, Hawkgirl watches as super-warriors who could easily kill her spar. She maintains her cool, as Fury, leader of the city, bests all comers, then comes over to chat. Their conversation covers the fact that

Quote1.png One nation indivisible. That didn't work last time. Quote2.png

Earth 2: Society #9 is an issue of the series Earth 2: Society (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2016. It was published on February 10, 2016.

Synopsis for "One Nation Indivisible, Chapter Two: World-Leader Pretend"

In the hidden city of Amazonia, Hawkgirl watches as super-warriors who could easily kill her spar. She maintains her cool, as Fury, leader of the city, bests all comers, then comes over to chat. Their conversation covers the fact that Fury does not want war, but wants to be able to end one if one comes. Global telecoms are already predicting conflict between Erebus City and Ark Home Colony. Fury says that her status as the child of Wonder Woman and the Apokoliptian warmonger Steppenwolf has left her with no finesse, and Hawkgirl asks her why her city is hidden.

In Ark Home, Khalid Bin-Hassan watches from a street as Galen Sackoff, the governor, issues a press conference promising aggression. Bin-Hassan explains to the World Army Commander, Sonia Sato, that his diplomatic credentials are not being recognised in Ark Home, but that he will try to keep them abreast.

In Erebus City, Huntress is representing the World Army to the local civic leaders. Their leader, Governor Rudell, is not just politically bellicose, but personally bellicose towards Huntress, which does not end well for his dignity.

At this point, Sandman is notified that, per Rudell's boast, Erebus City irregulars are pouring into Clearwater Valley, firing the first shots of the ground war. With Sato's blessing, he calls on Whiskey Alpha Wonder One - Power Girl - to break up the fight non-lethally.

Sato gets word to Green Lantern, who is in a meeting in Neotropolis with Lois Lane, the Red Tornado. As he is about to explain the purpose of the meeting, he takes out a blank sheet of paper and hands it to her. He explains that he wants her help in writing the document that will bind the colonies that inhabit this world together and be the framing of the government. Lois has skill as a writer, political instincts, and a unique appreciation for the virtues of truth and justice. Green Lantern wants her help, as people have accused him of being aloof.

In the combat zone, the Erebus forces are retreating before Power Girl's shouting, but a pair of monsters, similar to the one the Wonders of the World encountered before, have wandered onto the battlefield. Via radio, Power Girl requests backup, and Green Lantern leaves immediately to assist her. Left with the sheet, Lois brainstorms, starting with the phrase "In God We Trust", before crossing it out.

Green Lantern arrives, and as he and Power Girl defeat the monsters, he explains that he can now assess the makeup of the beasts. Though they were offshoots of the terraforming energies of the Sloan Affair, they have been modified by an unknown intelligence. These are monsters that someone built.

In the border uplands, Superman and Captain Steel check in, explaining that they are ready to start looking for the alleged oilfields that sparked the initial war. On the radio, Sato muses that power will be the resource that makes or breaks their society.

In New Gotham, Batman is giving Red Arrow a breakdown on Nimbus Solutions, the company selling personal powercells to the energy-starved Gothamites. Batman points out that they are feeding a wave of lawlessness as people scramble for the money to pay their exorbitant fees. Worse, the powercells themselves are made from highly dangerous substances, possibly taken from the runoff of the original colony spaceships. They need answers. So the two of them are going to investigate, with the help of Batman's friend - Ted Grant, former world heavyweight champion boxer.

In the border uplands, Superman radios in - there are no oilfields between Erebus City and Ark Home Colony. Worse, Superman was able to use the scans to corroborate a theory of his own. There are no oilfields or coalfields anywhere on Earth 2. No mineral deposits of any kind. They are living on a glorified soundstage built to resemble their home planet. Without powerful outside help, society cannot survive on this planet.

In Amazonia, Fury explains that the Amazons were feared and respected back on Earth, but she had no desire to subject them to the mistrust and envy of the new planet's three million inhabitants. That is why she ordered they remain hidden. However, with the wisdom that their culture brings, they will probably be a better choice for leader than Green Lantern and the World Army. Soon she will tell them so herself.

Hawkgirl asks if Fury knows what happened to the TSS Aphrodite, the lost colony ship that she came out here looking for. Fury says that its inhabitants died so that the Amazons could live again, in process called The Borrowing...

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  • Governor Galen Sackoff of Ark Home Colony
  • Governor Rudell of Erebus City
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  • Nimbus Solutions (Mentioned only)

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  • Ark Home Colony Militias
  • Erebus City Irregulars


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