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"Apokolips Now": Alan remembers time ago before becoming Green Lantern, when the world had peace, when he trusted Dr. Sloan to help him make a better world although Sam's warnings about him. His suspicions were right, a

Quote1.png Five years we spent on another earth! I always thought... All we had to do was get home, Karen. Somehow, everything... E-Everything-- But home... isn't here anymore. This is worse than I ever imagined. Quote2.png

Earth 2: World's End #1 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 8, 2014.

Synopsis for "Apokolips Now"

Alan remembers time ago before becoming Green Lantern, when the world had peace, when he trusted Dr. Sloan to help him make a better world although Sam's warnings about him. His suspicions were right, as Terry Sloan had hidden motives behind, and with Alan's safety on mind, he published their work against Alan's wishes to keep it secret. While in the 9th dimension, Steppenwolf was preparing the armies of Apokolips for the invasion of Earth, taking his loyal daughter and two traitors with them. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin were behind Accountable, who was wanted for treason, while he was in the middle of exposing Terry Sloan to the world, transmitting the information of his exploits to the Daily Planet. In that instant was when the invasion begun, Parademons fell on the world's largest cities, taking countless lives including Superman's and Batman's respective wives.

With their survival at stake, the world's governments formed the World Army with Commander Khan as liaison to the World Council. But in their desperation, they trusted Terry Sloan, the one responsible for the fire pits and the deaths of millions. So the Trinity met in order to find an end to the war, to which Batman revealed to be a virus that can end the invasion, but may cost them everything. The three sacrificed themselves to end the war, with Supergirl and Robin falling into another world. They were five years of piece, but were short lived as Sloan discovered who leaked the information Batman needed to end the war, as well as kidnapped Mister Terrific from another world, sent Sandman to capture Queen Marella, and used the Meta Humans under his command to hunt the new Wonders.

On a bullet train on China, Sam was murdered on a supposed accident, Alan became the avatar of The Green, and Apokolips begun it's counterattack. Steppenwolf was killed by Brutaal, who nearly killed Green Lantern, severed Captain Atom's left arm, and destroyed the Project Beyond space ship, all while Bedlam took control of Miracle, Terrific and Sloan with the purpose of creating a planet-sized Boom Tube. The new Superman learned how to use his powers and defeated Brutaal, bringing a victory to their world, but not without cost. The battle disabled the communications worldwide, so Flash had to visit every single stronghold to verify their safety, in which one was a man decided to protect his family.

Huntress and Power Girl finally returned to their world only to find a nightmare, their home was no more while they found "impostors" wearing their lost loved one's symbols. Commander Khan wanted to ensure victory, shut down the fire pits and eliminate Bedlam, but the World Counsil insisted that the fighting was over, wanting to rebuild instead. Bedlam decided to kill his captives, as he had no longer need of Terrific and Sloan, while Mister Miracle waits for his chance of getting free from his mental chains. Hawkgirl follows Doctor Fate without losing sight of him while Huntress and Power Girl discover that one of the impostors is Helena's relative and that the red android is Kara's long lost "mother", but their reunion was short as four creatures emanate from the fire pits around the world, one proclaiming that Darkseid will rise.

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  • John Grayson's first appearance showed him as a redhead, like his mother. However, following panels and later issues instead shows him black haired, like his father.
  • These events occur chronologically before Earth 2 #27.

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