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"Release": On Earth 2, below the Fire Pits, down in the Labyrinth of Desaad, Batman, Power Girl, Red Tornado, and Superman II discover that Superman I has been held here for five years. Clark remarks at how strong Kara looks; Lois is amazed that her husband recognized her, despite her robot body

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John Constantine

Earth 2: World's End #10 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "Release"

On Earth 2, below the Fire Pits, down in the Labyrinth of Desaad, Batman, Power Girl, Red Tornado, and Superman II discover that Superman I has been held here for five years. Clark remarks at how strong Kara looks; Lois is amazed that her husband recognized her, despite her robot body. He says that he’ll always know the sound of her voice. He then tells the group that Desaad has been gathering people to build his army, and continued beyond humans, having also taken including himself and an Amazonian, and made clones. Clark says he isn’t sure how Desaad revived him. He knows that Darkseid’s henchman is trying to make warriors, and before he can finish his thought, Helena appears, now dressed in the costume Desaad created, add “Furies” to the list of things Desaad has been making. Now, with an additional set of arms (which has wings) and new legs, she attacks the group, now a Fury of Apokolips herself. Thomas calls to her, but she says she isn’t Helena anymore, cracking her whip at him and knocking him backwards. Kara rushes to the front, instructing Val to take Thomas and follow Lois (carrying Clark), while she battles Helena. As the four flee, Val questions the decision; Lois reaffirms that they should trust Kara, as she knows what she is doing.

In Chicago, as the evacuation of the World Army Stronghold continues, Dick Grayson laments the death of his wife, Barbara Gordon-Grayson. Their son hugs him as Dick cradles his wife’s body in his arms. The crowd around them has backed up, and people shout to remain calm; someone else in the crowd retorts that a meteor hit Lake Michigan, and they all need to leave or be killed by a tidal wave. Dick picks up his wife’s body and vows to take her with him and his son; a man accosts him and says that they don’t have room for kids, dead bodies, or weaklings like Dick. He points his gun at Dick. Dick growls back at the man that, with everything happening, he doesn’t care what the guy thinks. Suddenly the man twists his own wrist and starts to point the gun to his own head; one of his buddies asks what he’s doing, and the man says he isn’t doing it himself. He pulls the trigger, killing himself, as we hear John Constantine say that he was the one who did it, because he can’t stand people like that man. The dead man’s buddy approaches to instigate a fight, but Brainwave, Jonni Thunder, and Obsidian all appear, fighting of the posse.

In the Court of Apokolips, the nobles (Rectifier, Lowest, Arcanis) and the Incarnation of Apokolips discuss their plan. Arcanis mentions that Paternus was attacked by Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Fury; Rectifier mentions that the Mobius Chamber has been depleted, meaning that the planet’s core will soon fail; and Lowliest mentions that The Traveler’s spaceship was spotted in a bizarre camouflage. Despite all this, Apokolips says that everything is going according to the God Plan.

Back on the Shackleton Assault ship on Apokolips, Mister Terrific, Commander Khan, and Dodds reconvene. Terrific says that their invasion was too easy. Khan replies that maybe, with all of their failures, they can’t recognize success anymore. All three simultaneously agree, no, that isn’t the case. From the helm, Sloan (in his Mister 8 outfit) tells the group that they need to depart, and that Miracle was on his own. Terrific thinks there’s more to the story, and Khan tells him to take his Boom Spheres and go find him.

Down on Earth, in the Chicago Stronghold, Constantine and his crew fight off the thugs. One of their bullets breaks Constantine’s magic shield, and he says his magic is weakening; Brainwave says the problems are the impending tidal wave and the thugs on the train. Obsidian appears from the darkness and knocks out the thugs. As the train departs, Dick runs alongside, carrying his son, pleading for them to take his child with them. John obliges, but hands the boy to Jonni Thunder, saying he needs to go find out what is interfering with his magic, and teleports away. In tears, Dick kneels next to the train tracks, Barbara’s body beside him. He says the he promises he will find his son.

In the Mobius Chamber in the core of Apokolips, Mister Miracle approaches Darkseid, encased in a ball of energy, seemingly meditating. Miracle talks to him, but Darkseid doesn’t respond. He asks Darkseid if Paternus told the truth; if is really isn’t the son of Darkseid; what are his true origins; and why he kept him on Apokolips and tortured him for so long. No response. Miracle disowns Darkseid and sentences him to death for his crimes, and says he’ll find a way to kill him. Darkseid still does not respond, but a small smile breaks out on his face.

In Siberia, the avatars of White (Sam Zhou), Gray (Solomon Grundy), and Green (Green Lantern) fight against the three Furies of Apokolips (War, Death, Pestilence). Grundy traps Pestilence in the ground, but War cuts her free with her axe. Death mocks Grundy, saying he cannot decay death itself. As Alan and War clash, she and Pestilence notes that the Furies’ powers grow stronger as Apokolips approaches, but the avatar’s powers weaken as the Earth dies. Pestilence seems to defeat Sam, who weakly calls for Alan, and Green Lantern attacks her in retaliation. War cuts down Grundy again, and she and Death turn as the voice of Azathoth sounds, and the avatar of the Blue comes crashing into the battle, knocking both Furies off their feet.

Back on Apokolips, deep inside the planet, Dodd and Mister Terrific fight their way through the hordes of parademons. Terrific notes that, even with the use of his Boom Spheres, the search for Mister Miracle is difficult. Dodds suggests he may have defected. At that moment, Terrific gets a message from someone saying they need help , and sends him the coordinates.

An hour later, the two arrive at the entrance of the Mobius Chamber, and meet with Big Barda and Fury. Barda tells Terrific that Miracle needs his assistance with defeating Darkseid. The four fly down, and Fury tells Miracle that with the humans, they need to leave. Barda urges him to use the Boom Spheres to finish off Darkseid; Fury says not to, Darkseid is trapped, and to leave him for dead. Miracle takes the spheres, and Terrific protests, saying they’re too powerful. Heedless of the warning, Miracle fires the Boom Spheres on Darkseid, telling him that now all he can give is death to the man he once would have given anything. With a great explosion, it is revealed that instead of killing Darkseid, Miracle has instead - unwittingly - used the Boom Spheres to destroy the seal keeping him imprisoned; Miracle has freed Darkseid.

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