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"Sacrifice": On Apokolips, Darkseid stands at the Court of Apokolips Tower, overlooking his planet, eyes glowing red. In the distance, we see the Shackleton Assault Craft rapidly approaching. Commander Amir Khan, piloting the ship, thinks to himself that he has made mistakes as the Commander of

Quote1.png There is only one truth in war... All that is not given... is... lost. Quote2.png
Commander Amar Khan

Earth 2: World's End #14 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 7, 2015.

Synopsis for "Sacrifice"

On Apokolips, Darkseid stands at the Court of Apokolips Tower, overlooking his planet, eyes glowing red. In the distance, we see the Shackleton Assault Craft rapidly approaching. Commander Amir Khan, piloting the ship, thinks to himself that he has made mistakes as the Commander of the World Army, but won’t make any more. He is determined to use the ship - which Terry Sloan had rigged with explosives - to blow up Darkseid and his tower. As the ship counts down to impact, Khan directs the ship to transfer schematics and data to somewhere. He ponders how his ancestors used funeral pyres, and he’s now following suit. He thinks that in war, anything not given is lost. Before the ship can make impact, Darkseid - not moving - uses his Omega Beams to destroy the craft.

Down on Earth 2, deep below Oklahoma City, within the temporary World Army Bunker - named Atom’s Haven, after the hero who gave his life creating it - Steel and Major Sato take a moment to remember their comrade. Multitudes of refugees make their way into the camp behind them. Sato radios to Hawkgirl and the Flash, asking them for a status update. They inform her that they’ve installed lights in Atom’s Haven, have brought in food to last for weeks, and the underground river there is potable. However, they voice their concern that there are only a few million people there, and wonder where the rest of Earth’s population is.

Up above Amazonia, Jimmy Olsen receives a data transfer from the Shackleton Assault Craft. He calls Major Sato and informs her of the failed attack at Apokolips and the death of Commander Khan, meaning Sato is now the Commander of the World Army.

Over in Chicago, the tidal wave having wiped out huge parts of the city, Dick Grayson and Ted Grant survey the damage. Ted decides to put Dick through some fighting lessons to ensure he can survive what will come next. They spar as debris from the destroyed moon continues to fall to earth. Three hours later, they walk towards the entrance to the World Army train tunnels. This was where the other refugees from the Chicago Stronghold had gone, including Johny Grayson, Dick’s son. When they approach the guards, they inform the duo that the train has derailed, and they cannot get in that way. Dick charges past the guards, but Ted lets them know he will look after him, and follows him down.

Down beneath the Firepit in Geneva, in the Labyrinth of Desaad, the Wonders (Power Girl, Red Tornado, Superman II, Batman II, Superman) continue their fight against Yolanda Montez, the missing Avatar of the Red, whom Desaad had captured and held captive. During their battle, Yolanda has split off into different large animal clones, which Desaad quips are reflections of the heroes. Val cautions the others that, because of her connection to the Red - the power of the living and the animal - the clones might be able to transform and copy the heroes. Val realizes that the real Yolanda is not the one they’re fighting, but in fact a monster further in the room. Desaad has used Yolanda to power the Firepit and create the other clones in the facility. He shouts to the group that they have to free her in order to shut down the Firepit. At the same time, Lois tries to fend off the attacks and protect Clark, but he is injured by one of the animal clones. Thomas tells her to let him tend to Clark. Clark reveals that because of Desaad’s tampering with his DNA, he was kept separate from the other clones, as he was poisonous to them. He reveals that they tried to use his original blood in the pipes to try and power-up the clones, but it was only temporary. At this, Thomas breaks open a pipe and takes a sample of the blood. Clark tells him that his DNA could shut down all of the clones, and he just needs Batman to cause a distraction and clear him a path. At this, Thomas - forcibly off Miraclo cold-turkey - shoots up the blood and charges back into the battle, as Val calls for them to save the Avatar of the Red.

Near Siberia, Helena mocks Green Lantern as debris from the destroyed moon continues to rain down on the planet. It completely decimates buildings and sets cities on fire. She says that he could have prevented that had he not chosen to save Sam Zhao, his lover. Instead, thousands are dying. Alan tells her to be quiet, and then calls upon the Forces of the White, Green, and Gray to give them as much power as they can. In the Parliament of Earth, the White tells the other forces they need to give everything they can. They do, and the Green laments how painful it is; the Blue encourages the group to give even more. We see Alan kiss Sam on the forehead, and as the Blue continues to rally the other Forces, all four Avatars (Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern, Sam Zhao, Azathoth), even Sam and Azathoth (who seemed dead) get back up and into a battle stance, to go around round against the Furies of Apokolips.

Down in Atom’s Haven, Commander Sato calls Hawkgirl and Flash. They tell her they’re helping unload the last group of refugees. She thanks them, but gives them another mission: help the Avatars, who have gone radio silent. She fears the Furies may have won; Flash mentions it took three Metahumans to take down Famine. He gets an idea; he asks Sato to give them some time, because he has a plan that might put an end to the Furies. Sato tells him to hurry, and so Hawkgirl holds on as Flash speeds out of Atom’s Haven, over to London. He explains that they never actually saw Famine die, and suspects that if she did survive, she might be able to tell them how to defeat the others. Jay speeds around the city while Kendra scouts from above; they discuss how they wish they can see London and its landmarks restored some day, and visit as tourists. Kendra spots Famine, and they meet next to her body, now completely emaciated.

Up on Apokolips, in the slums, Mister Miracle, Sandman, Mister Terrific, and Fury fight off the minions of Apokolips. Dodds works on setting a nuclear detonator, but remarks that they need a way to safely detonate it now that the assault craft has been destroyed. Terrific starts to think about it, and asks Fury and Miracle how the discs of light they step on work. They say that he’s only human and wouldn’t understand, which he takes to mean they don’t know, either. Grabbing Miracle’s leg, Holt theorizes that they’re actually stepping on part of the multiverse - or something in another world. As Miracle scolds Terrific, Big Barda appears and punches Terrific across the face. She orders her minions to capture Miracle and kill the rest; Terrific sends some T-Spheres after her to keep her busy. Dodds lets them know the nuclear detonator is ready; Terrific tells him to detonate it, and instructs Fury and Miracle to create a shield using their multiversal powers, just like when they walk in the air. They doubt they can do this; he tells them to figure it out, and Sandman sets off the nukes planted all over the planet just as the two create a bubble shield around the group.

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