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"Run": On Earth 2, in the ruins of Geneva, Thomas Wayne (Batman II) and his granddaughter, Helena Wayne (Huntress) stand near a crater. Thomas tells her that the World Army is sending a team to retrieve them within the hour. He asks her if she’s okay. She says that she is fine, and thanks him fo

Earth 2: World's End #18 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 4, 2015.

Synopsis for "Run"

On Earth 2, in the ruins of Geneva, Thomas Wayne (Batman II) and his granddaughter, Helena Wayne (Huntress) stand near a crater. Thomas tells her that the World Army is sending a team to retrieve them within the hour. He asks her if she’s okay. She says that she is fine, and thanks him for saving her life.

Down in Atom’s Haven, the underground final refuge of Earth 2’s survivors, Kara Zor-El (Power Girl), Lois Lane (Red Tornado), and Val Zod (Superman II) overlook the destruction caused by Apokolips’ Protofuries in one of the tunnels, and the dead bodies of the ones they defeated. Kara proposes they take the fight to Apokolips before it is too late. Val cautions that such an attack may be playing into their enemies hands, and that their best choice is to defend the remaining survivors. He notes that the protofuries are androids, part machine and part organic, and are being controlled remotely. Val says they would lose more in an outright attack against Apokolips. At the term android, Lois ponders what makes her different from the Protofuries. Kara shouts at her that she is very different, and she is a living being, just in a robot body. Val agrees, and compares the difference to that of Earth and Apokolips.

In France, at a World Army outpost, Thomas and Helena disembark from an evac helicopter. As Helena is escorted into a medical tent, Thomas receives a call from Jimmy Olsen on his transmitter. Jimmy teases him, asking if he missed him; Thomas disregards and asks if he’s calling with good news. Jimmy confirms that the Firepits have gone cold, plans to evacuate the planet using dimensional technology, and a doomsday clock, but not good news. In one image on his screen, we can see Hawkman and The Flash from another dimension. He does note that he found a map that Bruce had left for his daughter, to have her find Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). Thomas goes into the medical tent to speak with Helena, but he is struck to see how much she looks like Bruce out of costume - as well as some of her mother’s features. He takes off his cowl and she agrees that Thomas also shares a similarity to his son.

Back in Amazonia, at Dr. Crane’s lab, Mister Terrific (Michael Holt) has Fury use her New God powers so he can collect data on them. She remarks that she’s only half New God, and it isn’t easy; he agrees that her lensing - tapping into matter in other dimensions - shouldn’t be easy. He demonstrates the fruits of their scientific labor, showing off new shoes which allow him to walk on aero-discs like a New God, while also teasing her about her impatience. She notes that it is impressive, and he says that the difference between a god and a human is that gods can go to extremes, but humans need balance.

Back in France, Thomas and Helena discuss Ollie Queen. Thomas asks if he knows what Bruce could have entrusted to Ollie; she says she barely remembers him, other than he and Bruce being pals in their civilian identities. Helena says she wants to find Kara; her grandfather says he understands, but that finding Oliver Queen is more important right now.

Down in Atom’s Haven, in the command center, Commander Sonia Sato and Captain Steel (Henry Heywood Jr.) talk with Jimmy Olsen, who says he’s found a Generation Ship that Terry Sloan (Mister Eight) had hidden, which could save the planet’s remaining population. She asks him to keep her updated on the mission. She then asks Steel if he’s hopeful now; he says it is good news, but the planet is becoming more and more unstable, and they have only hours left. Sato looks up and says that having the Wonders back to help gives her confidence, looking up at Kara and Val, who are using their powers to reinforce the structure. Val tells her she’s welcome, and the two are amazed that he heard her from so far away. Sato says that hope is all they have left, now, including the hope that the Wonders will be strong enough to protect them.

Apokolips is now devastatingly close to the Earth. Darkseid sits on his throne and is frustrated by humankind. Rectifier tells him that the firepits of both planets are now aligned, and Darkseid remarks that the struggles of the humans are now pointless, as he orders Rectifier to unleash the transformer. As he does, the Firepits of Apokolips start to strike at the planet Earth, puncturing the planet. There is a glimpse of Thomas and Helena, wearing oxygen masks, as well as a glimpse of part of Amazonia being destroyed.

At the Indo-China Tramway Entrance, Hawkgirl (Kendra Munoz-Saunders) radios to Flash (Jay Garrick) to get everyone to safety; he says he’s going as quickly as he possibly can, as he carries two children to safety. Kendra remarks that the Firepits between the two planets seem to be linked, and that Apokolips has launched a strange box at the planet.

In Russia, the Avatars of the Earth (Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern, Sam Zhao, Azathoth, Yolanda Montez) note that something is growing out of the earth, and if it is being caused by Deathspawn. Alan remarks that Deathspawn’s goal is to poison the planet to make it fit for Apokolips to consume it, which is why he headed towards the Parliament of Earth. Sam says that the parliament doesn’t exist in a physical place, and the reason they have avatars is so that they can have a physical presence. Alan agrees, but says that his ring is saying the parliament is in trouble. Just then, all avatars except Alan start to cry out in pain. The Green calls out to Alan, saying it needs his help; he tells the Green to bring him to the enclave.

With a flash of green light, Alan appears in the Parliament Enclave. The primal forces of the Earth (The White, The Red, The Gray, The Blue) lay defeated on the ground, with Deathspawn attacking the Green, the last standing. Alan shouts at Deathspawn.

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