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"Arrival": At the North Pole, the three remaining Furies of Apokolips - War, Pestilence, and Death - observe Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. They note that Famine has fallen, and say it must have been because she wasn’t worthy of the Fury title. K’li says that as each of them are the last survi

Quote1.png I was once Sam Zhao. But that life has passed. Now I am the avatar of one of the primal forces of this planet. You Alan Scott, represent the organic power of the green. You, Grundy, the decaying rot of the Gray. I am the avatar of the white, possessing the power of the wind and air. Quote2.png
Avatar of the White

Earth 2: World's End #7 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 19, 2014.

Synopsis for "Arrival"

At the North Pole, the three remaining Furies of Apokolips - War, Pestilence, and Death - observe Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. They note that Famine has fallen, and say it must have been because she wasn’t worthy of the Fury title. K’li says that as each of them are the last survivors of their respective races, they could likely replace Famine with the last survivor of Earth. Death says that they have to work together now to ensure the destruction of Earth. She senses the primal forces of the planet trying to unite and gather their avatars, and tells her sisters that they need to make a preemptive attack on the Parliament and the avatars. They fly away.

Down in Desaad’s Lab, beneath the Fire Pits, Desaad continues to torture Helena, who says that her family will rescue her. He shows them footage of the group, saying they’ve forgotten her and have chosen to look for Superman 1 instead. She tries to call his bluff, but he retorts, saying that the Batman - who isn’t her father - is a brute and a drug addict. And Kara has forgotten her as soon as she was reunited with Lois and Val. He says that, once he turns her into a Fury, she’ll be loved and feared by all. Huntress quips that she isn’t falling for the “come to the dark side, Luke” spiel, and won’t trade her bow for an Apokoliptian sword. Desaad, presenting her new costume, says this will be beyond anything she’s heard or seen before. The two argue go back and forth about whether his torture will succeed in bringing her to his side, escalating with him activating his torture devices.

Elsewhere in the Labyrinths of Desaad, Batman and Superman start to fight, as Thomas is angry that Val destroyed his Miraclo. He pushes Val into one of the clone tubes, shattering the glass on several, causing the clones inside to crash out and attack them. Lois is amazed that the clones are alive; Thomas says that they’re dead, but are only reacting to the stimuli. Val says they’re still dangerous, and the group fights off the clones, with Val pulling Kara out of the way of a clone’s heat vision blast. Kara proposes that after they get out of this and survive, they need to have a romantic date, but first they have to destroy these clones. Thomas psyches himself up, reminding himself that even without the super drug, he used to be a surgeon, and knows how to tactically kill. He removes a piece of machinery from one of the clones’ heads, and realizes that an EMP will deactivate them all. He jumps into the middle of the clones, shouts to get their attention, and then sets off an EMP from his suit, frying the neural implants on the clones and deactivating them for good.

Back in China, the Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy meet with the avatar of the White, who was once Sam Zhao, Alan’s boyfriend. Sam says that he represents the power of wind and air, while Alan represents organic life, and Grundy that of decaying rot. Alan, holding up the ring he’d found, asks if Sam was indeed going to propose to him. Grundy bursts out laughing, mocking Alan for being reunited with his dead lover, who now is a phantom and doesn’t even know him. Alan is about to attack Grundy, but Sam restrains him, saying that they need to work together to save the planet. He swiftly throws a blast of air at Grundy to teach him a lesson, and holding the monster aloft in the air; he tells Grundy that he is powerful enough to destroy Grundy using the atmosphere, and not to make fun of him. Grundy begs for release, and while Alan wants Sam to make him beg more, Sam says that he’s learned his lesson, and that the Gray can always find a new avatar if he crosses them again. Alan starts to question Sam, such as how he survived, but Sam says that he isn’t the same person that he once knew; he only came back from the dead as a spirit to be the avatar of the White. Sam starts to fly away, saying the situation is becoming more dire, and they need to find the avatar of the Blue.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Cane’s lab in Amazonia, Doctor Fate stands over the writing body of Jimmy Olsen, as several scientists and Dr. Crane look on. Jimmy is still holding onto Mister Miracle’s Mother Box, which had called out to him. Fate says that the Helm of Nabu seeks its partner, and he leans down, touching his helm to the Mother Box in order to cleanse it of the famine curse. The combined powers of the helm and the Mother Box start to spark, and Jimmy is covered in a bright, white light, as the helm and Mother Box both disappear, apparently fused into Jimmy’s body. Dr. Crane tells his assistant Linda to record everything for science; he speculates that the Helm of Nabu is actually a type of a Mother Box. Khalid (Dr. Fate), helm-less, proclaims the union complete, and Dr. Crane says that the two Mother Boxes have turned Jimmy from a mere human into a god, as Jimmy’s body floats off of the table, sparking with bright blue and white lights.

In London, John Constantine, having somehow teleported to this world, and casts another teleportation spell to help him leave. He reappears in the Lost Lands of Gotham (still on Earth 2), at the Arkham World Army Base. He ponders whether or not the spell worked, and if he’ll be greeted by friends. He enters the base and finds the tubes of contained rogues, quipping that he’s had worse friends in his life.

Up on Apokolips, a voice cries out that the Hornblower has sounded, and a planet has been marked for death. The nobles of Apokolips (Paternus, Rectifier, Lowest, Arcanis) gather in the court room with the Incarnation of Apokolips. The group wonders what it means, to which Apokolips responds, they must feed on Earth now.

In space closer to Earth, at the Earth Sol Lagrange Point, the World Army assault team is flying away from Earth aboard Sloan’s Shackleton Assault Craft. Sloan brags about the ship, and Mister Miracle says he senses something occurring on Apokolips. Sloan dismisses him, saying the planet hasn’t moved, and prepares the ship to transport. Suddenly, Mister Terrific notes an energy spike from Apokolips. Commander Khan orders Sloan to fly there immediately, but Sloan remarks that he can’t, because the planet has disappeared, and the sensors are showing that the planet is Boom Tubing to the Earth’s Moon.

300,000 miles from Earth, Apokolips appears and crashes into the Moon, and in voiceover we hear Sloan saying that Apokolips is here.

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