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"The End Times": In space above the Earth, Green Lantern quips that the world is going out with a bang, not a whimper. Apokolips has stepped up their timescale, and by Boom Tubing to (and into) the Earth’s Moon, the subsequent destruction caused by the crash has sent countless debris from the Mo

Earth 2: World's End #8 is an issue of the series Earth 2: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 26, 2014.

Synopsis for "The End Times"

In space above the Earth, Green Lantern quips that the world is going out with a bang, not a whimper. Apokolips has stepped up their timescale, and by Boom Tubing to (and into) the Earth’s Moon, the subsequent destruction caused by the crash has sent countless debris from the Moon hurtling towards the Earth. Alan remarks to himself that as one of the planet’s protectors, it is his responsibility to try and hold the line in space, and while he tries to destroy as many chunks as possible, he hopes that the ones he misses will burn up on entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. He hopes he is doing more good than harm. A voice calls to him, saying he is needed. He asks if it is Sam, and the voice responds saying he is no longer Sam, but the avatar of White. Alan retorts that he’s busy, and Sam reminds him they need to find the other avatars. Alan tells him that protecting the planet from the debris is more urgent, and that Sam and Grundy will have to look for the other avatars.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Cane’s lab in Amazonia, Khalid (Dr. Fate) starts to awaken. Jimmy Olsen, glowing with the power of the Helm of Nabu and Mister Miracle’s Mother Box (having combined with one another and entered Jimmy moments ago), notes that Khalid is hurt. Dr. Crane and Linda are amazed by the readings coming off of Jimmy. Jimmy goes to Khalid, saying that the combined power is too much for him. Khalid tells Jimmy that they need to help Jay (The Flash) and Kendra (Hawkgirl), as he had left them to come here after their battle with the Fury of Famine. As he says this, he becomes less gaunt and returns to his normal form.

Elsewhere in the World Army Base on Amazonia, the others start to recover from the curse of famine. Major Sonia Sato remarks that it may be gone, but with Apokolips in the sky where once was the moon, they’re in arguably a worse situation. She sends out a status report to the rest of the World Army, noting this change and that it is causing moon debris to crash into the planet, as well as causing flooding around the world. She orders everyone to evacuate to the Project Beyond underground tunnel - where previously the world leaders, the wealthy, rich, and powerful had tried to use a spaceship to flee (that had promptly been destroyed by Bruutal barely after leaving the Earth’s atmosphere). Sato, walking through the med bay, notices that Atom is still clinging to life, even after Brutaal had taken his arm in battle. Just then, Chancellor Hagen bursts in, saying he’s taking charge. Before he can finish and be introduced properly to Commander Sato, she slaps him, saying the time for attack is over, now is the time to flee and try to save as many lives as they can. She tells the soldiers to take the chancellor back to his room, and then get a broadcast going on all possible outlets left, to order a world-wide evacuation.

In Shanghai, the Furies of Apokolips (War, Death, Pestilence) spread their chaos, and cheer out that Apokolips is arriving.

In Chicago at the World Army Stronghold, the chaos has erupted, with people mad with war and the undead rising from the ground. Barbara Gordon-Grayson, Dick Grayson, and Ted Grant defend themselves from all sides. Ted looks up and notes that meteors are the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, a moment later one strikes within the camp, crashing right near the wall where Barbara was closest. Dick screams out for his wife, as he and Ted stand near the massive crater it has just created.

In the Lost Lands of Gotham, within the Arkham World Army Base, John Constantine is looking to enlist the help of some jailbirds imprisoned there. Having done a spell to learn about the prisoners in stasis, he’s decided to awaken Henry King Jr. (Brainwave), Todd Rice (Obsidian), Jonni Thunder, and Jeremy Karn (Karnevil). He wakes them from stasis, greets them, and says that the world is ending and they need to work together to escape. Karnevil takes issue with working with Obsidian due to his race, and as a response, Constantine acts as if he’s going to shoot Obsidian, but instead shoots Karn in the head. He says they need to work together as a team to survive.

Meanwhile, in London, Hawkgirl and the Flash start to recover from the effects of Famine’s curse. Hawkgirl says they need to follow Dr. Fate, but Flash says he has to go make sure his mom is safe, and speeds away towards America. Hawkgirl tries to call after him, but he is gone too quickly, leaving Kendra to deal with the horde of war-hungry and undead approaching her.

Up in the skies over Russia, Sam flies with Solomon Grundy. Sam says he senses the enemy growing stronger, and that they urgently need to find the avatars of the Red and the Blue. Solomon teases him about his Green boyfriend leaving them, and Sam chides him, saying he already demonstrated his powers on him once, and not to make him do it again, and that he’s only flying thanks to Sam. Grundy groans that he wants to at least have fun if he has to put up with Sam and Alan, and as he finishes his sentence, an axe is driven into his back. Sam shouts to him, and the three Furies appear, mocking the avatar of White, and saying not to worry as they will both soon be dead. War grabs her axe out of Grundy’s back and slashes him in half, his body falling to the ground. Sam shouts after him. Death quickly grabs Sam by the throat, remarking that he is solid enough to hold, while Pestilence tries to spread disease to him, too. Sam calls out for the avatar of the Green, and then calls Alan by name for help.

Up in Earth 2’s orbit, aboard the Shackleton Assault Craft, someone (possibly Khan) orders Sloan to get them away from the falling debris of the Moon. Fury laments that they cannot beat Apokolips, but Mister Miracle responds saying that the enemy is growing desperate and the god planet is dying. Mister Terrific notes that the collision with the moon has caused the defenses of Apokolips to be in chaos, and Miracle tells Sloan to fly to the surface of Apokolips while they have a window of opportunity. As they land, Khan secretly orders Dodds (Sandman) to have his team place nuclear detonators around the planet as they go. Mister Terrific notes that the planet’s surface is very similar to Earth’s, and the coast is clear, so the group disembarks. Big Barda and Fury note it has been a while since they last were home.

In the Labyrinths of Desaad (beneath the Fire Pits on Earth 2), Batman stands up from the pile of Superman clones that he just destroyed. Lois asks how he did it; he says by using an EMP through his comms device. As Lois helps him out, Kara and Val find Superman’s emblem, which Desaad and the apokoliptians had kept behind glass, like a trophy. Just then, Thomas shouts that the tracker he’d placed on his granddaughter is showing her vitals are gone; she’s dead. Lois and Val try to comfort him, and he vows to kill Desaad; Kara shares the sentiment.

Over in New York, a few hours later, the Flash continues his search for his mother. He’s already searched the homes of his mother and family; he’s run across the country three times and checked almost every refugee camp. There in Manhattan he finds that people are all mad with rage (from War), and his mom calls to him. He saves her from an attacker, but Hawkgirl shows up, also mad with war-rage.

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