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"The Dark Age, Part 3": As Superman flies off carrying the Flash, Mister Terrific, and Terry Sloan, Red Arrow sees that [[Khalid Ben-Hassin (Earth 2)|Doctor Fa

Earth 2 #19 is an issue of the series Earth 2 (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2014. It was published on January 8, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Dark Age, Part 3"

As Superman flies off carrying the Flash, Mister Terrific, and Terry Sloan, Red Arrow sees that Doctor Fate needs medical attention and tells a medic to help get Khalid into the Base Hospital. But the medic's attention is turned toward the sky, as she sees a darkness suddenly rising to block out the sun. Red Arrow looks at the cloud and sees that it's a swarm of parademons coming to attack.

Inside the stasis chamber room, Batman tells the group that it's time to leave, but James Olsen tells them that there's something else hidden in the base, an "alien" that was purposely locked away for unknown reasons. Red Tornado does a floor scan and sees that there is a level below the sub-basement that's being guarded by two people. Marella responds by breaking through the floor, allowing them access into the lower level. The soldiers on that level attempt to take down Marella by firing a powerful ray cannon, but nothing happens to her. Batman and Red Tornado join her on the lower level, and as one of the guards opens the door they were guarding, they see behind it the living quarters of a young human who just simply says to them "hi".

Meanwhile, Superman arrives in Washington, D.C. and dumps his three passengers on the White House lawn before he goes to rip the Washington Monument out of the ground and ram it straight into the White House. Outside the Arkham Base, Red Arrow tries to hold his own against the oncoming swarm of parademons, but finds himself greatly outnumbered. All he could mutter when it seems as if all hope is lost is "angel in the slaughter."

Back inside the hidden living quarters, the young man is introduced as Val and tries to tell them that he wasn't locked in there, but rather placed inside for his own protection, though Terry Sloan says he can leave whenever he wants. Then suddenly Val collapses to the floor, and Batman realizes that Val is a Kryptonian as he holds up a piece of Kryptonite that he has been carrying.

In Washington, Superman tells the people of Earth that Apokolips is dying and that their planet is being prepared to become a new Apokolips. As he tries to rally the people behind his cause, Bedlam tells Terry Sloan and Mister Terrific that he needs their help in creating a Boom Tube that would be large enough to transport Earth into Apokolips space. Mister Terrific refuses to help, but Bedlam says he will be controlling their minds so that they will help him whether they want to or not.

As Batman's team makes their way back out into the open, they cover James Olsen's eyes so that he can't remember his way back to the base. Marella opens the door and sees that there's a massacre going on outside. Batman tells Red Tornado to take Val and James to a set of secret coordinates that she realizes is where the Batcave is located. After Red Tornado departs, Hawkgirl goes diving out of the sky to pick up Batman, Marella, and Sato to carry them elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in the wreckage of Dherain, something buried in the ground starts to glow green with power.

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