"The Kryptonian, Part One": In Moscow, Atom and Sandman are working together to evacuate the personnel of the final command post of the World Army to safety while Superman is attacking it. Atom tries to buy enough ti

Earth 2 #21 is an issue of the series Earth 2 (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2014. It was published on March 5, 2014.

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  • Space Ark

Synopsis for "The Kryptonian, Part One"

In Moscow, Atom and Sandman are working together to evacuate the personnel of the final command post of the World Army to safety while Superman is attacking it. Atom tries to buy enough time for Sandman to keep the portal open for all the evacuees that they can help, but Superman uses his heat vision to dismember Atom's right arm from his body before using it to knock the giant hero down. Sandman succeeds in closing up the portal before Superman flies off.

Meanwhile, James Olsen continues to monitor events from the Batcave as he is surrounded by various news feeds. He says that the World Army has been defeated in every major city, with Superman crushing it in two days. Red Arrow tells Batman that they need to go and find a way to take Superman and his forces down. Batman tells Red Arrow that he's free to take his arrows and try doing that himself. Hawkgirl is busy watching over Khalid Ben-Hassin, who continues his rambling which gets on Batman's nerves. Red Arrow wonders if Batman's plan is to have them hide in the Batcave until the world is completely destroyed. Batman tells him that Red Arrow isn't part of his plan.

James Olsen interrupts the conversation by telling them they're making humanity look bad in front of Val, the only Kryptonian they have present in the room. Lois Lane agrees, saying that something with the same powers as her husband is tearing the world apart, and that if they just continue to sit idly by, they might as well hand the world over to Darkseid. Batman tells Sonia Sato that they need to make contact with the World Army, and Sato tells them that their final fallback position would be in Amazonia, where Amar Khan is currently recuperating.

At that moment, Wesley Dodds is informing Khan that they have managed to evacuate less than a hundred thousand of their soldiers, with Khan seeing that they are the remains of the ten million people who were under his command. Khan feels that the whole thing is his fault for being so arrogant and underestimating his enemy during the failed invasion of Dherain. He asks his sergeant if she has made contact with the world government, and she replies that they have been locked out of the communication system by a protocol called "Project Beyond." Amar Khan knows what that project is about and tells her he wants to contact Atlantis.

As for "Project Beyond", it is a privately funded venture, secretly set up years ago after the first Apokoliptian war, where the world's most wealthy and powerful individuals had a transport system that led to a space ark that would allow them to escape the Earth's doom. With the spaceship filled to capacity levels, the countdown begins and the ark lifts off into outer space, its rocket boosters incinerating all those who were left behind in the launch chamber. Unfortunately, Superman sees the ship taking off and has his fellow Hunger Dogs help tear it apart, causing 1 percent of the world's population to plummet to their deaths.

With contact made, Amar Khan requests that he speaks to Governor Alloroc in Atlantis. His aide tells Khan that it's not possible, with Marella adding that "the World Army's puppet no longer speaks for Atlantis." Khan recognizes Marella, referring to her as Aquawoman, a name that she does not acknowledge as she tells Khan she has no interest in talking to him. Khan tries to talk to Marella peacefully, but soon their communications are being interrupted by James Olsen hacking into the system to allow Sonia Sato to speak to Khan. She tells him that they may have the means to stop Superman, but they need to act fast.

Meanwhile, Bedlam has Terry Sloan, Mister Terrific, and Mister Miracle in the same room together, discussing the plan of creating the means to transport the Earth into space. Terry Sloan seems eager to help in that regard, but Bedlam seems to have suspicions that Sloan is hiding something. He probes Terry's mind and soon finds out, telepathically telling Superman that Sloan is hiding a Kryptonian.


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