"The Kryptonian, Part Four": Strapped down to a table, Jay Garrick becomes Beguiler's favorite subject to torture, although Jay is more interested in getting on her nerves by asking about her appearance. Beguiler gets a little tired of Jay t

Quote1 This world is grim and dark and violent enough without you adding to the angst levels. Quote2
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Earth 2 #24 is an issue of the series Earth 2 (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2014. It was published on June 4, 2014.

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Synopsis for "The Kryptonian, Part Four"

Strapped down to a table, Jay Garrick becomes Beguiler's favorite subject to torture, although Jay is more interested in getting on her nerves by asking about her appearance. Beguiler gets a little tired of Jay talking and is prepared to silence him when Bedlam interrupts to tell her that the second wave of parademons that was sent to Gotham has been destroyed, with no survivors left.

At the place where the Batcave used to be, a green bubble floats in the middle of a fiery maelstrom. It is Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, who are trapped inside the bubble with a few parademons. Green Lantern tells Hawkgirl that they're not trapped with the parademons, but rather the parademons are trapped with them. He tells the parademons that he's not going to kill them, but rather let them take a message back to their masters that their plan has failed. After he releases the parademons, Hawkgirl asks if he just did that to rub it in Superman's nose. Green Lantern says that the ring found Hawkgirl for him, but it can't find the Flash, which he senses is alive but is in the presence of something very dark. His plan is that they follow the parademons so that they will lead him where he will get answers.

The Wonders and Sonia Sato arrive in Amazonia, but unfortunately they brought along one casualty, which is Red Arrow. Batman angrily turns to Val and asks why he didn't do anything, that he could have taken the whole parademon army apart. Val tries to answer for himself, but Batman already knows the answer -- that he doesn't like violence -- and just blames Val for Red Arrow's death before he walks off. James Olsen bravely confronts Batman, telling him he knows who he really is and that he is just as responsible for Red Arrow's death, but at least Val was trying his best to do what he could to protect the team. He tells Batman if they're going to save the world, they should try doing it on Val's terms, to prove that violence really isn't the answer for everything, and that they don't need to make the world darker than it already is.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl arrive in Washington, D.C. at the site of where the White House was, which is now surrounded by an army of parademons. Green Lantern senses that the darkness is stronger there, which means that the Flash has to be at that location. Hawkgirl says that one does not simply walk into an Apokolips army stronghold, and assumes that Alan Scott has a plan. He says that he's going to hit the parademons so hard that they will come after him, which hopefully will give Kendra time to go in and find the Flash. She doesn't call that a "plan", but Alan goes ahead with it anyway, charging straight in to get the parademons' attention while Kendra breaks into the stronghold to find Jay. She soon sees him and frees him of his bonds, helping to carry him out before Beguiler returns.

Green Lantern continues to fight the parademons until he is rejoined with Hawkgirl and Flash. Alan tells Kendra to go and get Jay to safety, but she refuses to go unless Alan goes with them, believing that the three of them have been brought together for a reason. Alan reluctantly complies as he forms a green bubble around them, while Kendra contacts Batman to get a little help. The parademons follow after the three Wonders as they head west of Washington.

James Olsen finds Val outside on the balcony, taking in as much of the sun as he could. Val feels sorry that he didn't do anything for Connor, but James tells him it's not his fault. The young boy wonders what Val is hiding underneath his hoodie, and Val is reluctant to show James until he tells the Kryptonian that uncovering secrets is just what he does. Val realizes that his hoodie had taken damage and so rips it apart to show that he is wearing a Superman uniform underneath.


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  • In the beginning of the issue, Alan Scott references Rorschach from Watchmen when he contains two Parademons inside an energy construct with himself and Hawkgirl by saying "[We're] not trapped in here with them. They're trapped in here with us."

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