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"The Kryptonian, Part Six": As Lois Lane comforts Martha Kent after the death of her husband Jonathan, James Olsen communicates to her to inform her that the world's about to end and that she

Earth 2 #26 is an issue of the series Earth 2 (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 6, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Kryptonian, Part Six"

As Lois Lane comforts Martha Kent after the death of her husband Jonathan, James Olsen communicates to her to inform her that the world's about to end and that she can't stay in Smallville. Lois tells Martha to go stay with the Langs before she flies off and James fills her in on the details: Green Lantern is currently in space, using his green energy to keep the Earth from being sucked in through the Boom Tube, while Sandman has gathered up the World Army forces and the Wonders to take out the Boom Tube's source.

At the location of the Boom Tube generator, Batman sees that it is heavily guarded by the Apokoliptian army, and inside Terry Sloan and Mister Terrific are being mind-controlled by Bedlam to create the Boom Tube. He reasons that if they could free their minds, they could shut down the Boom Tube. Marella sees that fighting their way in is not the answer, so she asks the Flash if he could get her inside to face Bedlam. The Flash says that he doesn't know if he could get her through the army safely, so Batman tells the two of them that they could make a hole. Soon with the Apokoliptian army advancing on them, the World Army responds by "making a hole."

Meanwhile, Superman continues to fight with Val-Zod, who tells his opponent that he doesn't want to fight him. Superman thinks that Val is afraid, but Val says that he isn't, that he's just proving that he's a better man than Superman is. Then suddenly Superman rushes off, headed for Geneva, with Val following right after him. As Val tells James what's going on, the Red Tornado intercepts Superman, getting him to stop so that they could save their world. The distraction gives Val enough time to grab Superman and send him falling to the ground. Superman sees that Val is wearing the symbol of El on his uniform and demands to know why. Val asks the same thing of Superman, saying that his mother would not be proud to know what her son has become. Superman only responds with a powerful punch.

With the path to the Boom Tube generator cleared, the Flash gets Marella inside the facility to face Bedlam. She soon gets knocked through the walls and lands outside, with Bedlam preparing for his next attack on her when he suddenly just collapses upon landing. This frees Terry Sloan, Mister Terrific, and Mister Miracle from Bedlam's mind control, and soon they're working together to shut down the Boom Tube, which Green Lantern sees closing in space. Hawkgirl notices it happening upon Green Lantern's return to Earth, then the heroes find out that Marella gave Bedlam what Batman described as hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain". The Flash wonders if it's all over, and the Green Lantern says there's still Superman.

Meanwhile, Superman is still fighting with Val-Zod, wondering why his opponent is stronger than him, when his right hand starts to crumble. Val realizes that there's something wrong with Superman and tries to calm him down, but Superman head-butts Val and only makes matters worse for himself as his face also starts to crack. The deterioration spreads to Superman's whole body as the Red Tornado shows up and tells Val that "it's not Superman", that it's some sort of clone that has Superman's memories. The crumbling form of Superman, now with the House of El symbol inverted and dangling loose, tries to convince Lois that he is Superman, but Lois tells him that he's a cold perversion that Clark could never be. By using her whirlwind powers, the Red Tornado reduces the Superman clone to dust, while Val-Zod watches and mutters to himself "crumbles."

With the Wonders gathered around Lois, Val, and the remains of Superman's clone, the Flash informs them that Bedlam is gone, and after a brief check inside the generator facility he reports that Bedlam has taken Terry Sloan and Mister Terrific with him. Nevertheless, the Wonders see that they have won, and all that remains is to clean up the Earth of all the Apokoliptian forces and together take back their world.

In the story's epilogue, Bedlam arrives at the Arecibo Observatory to tell those present that they have failed Darkseid and that they lost the device to transport worlds, but they still have the minds of those who created it and they can rebuild it. He then has Big Barda and Fury go and unleash "the four from below" with their new plan to take the whole world for Darkseid.

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  • Brutaal's death has the S symbol backwards which is a reference to Bizarro.

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