"Collision": As Kara, Helena, and Val remember things about their past -- their memories growing up separately, Kara and Helena's time with each other on Prime Earth, and Kara and Val's first meeting each other on [[K

Quote1 I am so--sorry, Helena--that I was not there when you lost him, I--I never meant for you to ever believe you were alone in this world. Quote2
-- Batman II (Thomas Wayne)

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Synopsis for "Collision"

As Kara, Helena, and Val remember things about their past -- their memories growing up separately, Kara and Helena's time with each other on Prime Earth, and Kara and Val's first meeting each other on Krypton -- the Wonders of the World arrive at the headquarters of C.E.R.N. in Geneva, Switzerland to deal with a distress call they picked up. The team fights their way through a group of nightmarish humanoid monsters, only to be separated from each other when the emergency door comes down to seal off the room where one half of the team finds survivors huddled together to keep themselves safe.

Batman tries to talk reason to his granddaughter when the two of them are trapped, but Helena doesn't want to listen to him, telling him that Thomas Wayne died in the alley and her own father Bruce died for the sake of justice. Batman says that he's sorry and that he never wanted Helena to believe she was alone in the world. Helena says that she's not alone, that she has a family, and it isn't her grandfather.

Kara tries to punch her way through the door, but Lois tells her not to, saying that the building is too delicate and that they could cause a collapse. Red Tornado talks to Dr. Klaudia Massaquoi to find out what's going on, and she says that Bedlam opened a portal to his home realm and unleashed monsters down below in the collider track, whose touch infected the staff and could contaminate the world if they manage to escape.

Helena wonders how Batman was able to take down a monster with one punch, and he tells her that he takes Miraclo, which gives him his strength, but the drug had burned itself out of his system when he overexerted himself. Helena asks him to give her some, and Batman reluctantly complies, telling her that she was right in that he wasn't there for her, but he had been watching over her.

Dr. Massaquoi communicates with Kara and Val, telling them that if they could generate enough speed to collide with an explosion of energy, they could create an event similar to that of a neutron bomb, a force powerful enough to destroy the virus that's loose in the collider. She tells the two that it is risky, but Kara just busts through the door into the collider track. Meanwhile, the scientist tells Batman and Huntress to seal off their section of the laboratory from the track. Batman tries to close the door to keep the monsters out, with Helena offering assistance with a few well-placed shots from her crossbow, completing the job.

Soon Kara and Val are flying around in circles in the collider track, trying to build up as much energy as possible while getting rid of the monsters in the track. Soon the two Kryptonians collide with each other, and with the collision comes a powerful explosion which Batman uses his enhanced strength to seal off while it takes out the monsters and destroys the virus. Dr. Massaquoi reports to Kara and Val that the task was successful, but now the two of them must fly up into outer space to burn off the excess radiation. As the two Kryptonians fly, the Wonders are able to help get the scientists their medical assistance, while again the heroes remember the good things of the past that they had together.


  • This book was first published on October 8, 2014.
  • The events in this issue occur chronologically after Earth 2: World's End #1.


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