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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-30.

Earth 30 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


A world where Kal-L landed on Earth in a Russian collective farm. Growing to manhood, he would become the mighty Superman, and in time became the leader of the leader of the USSR, and came into conflict with the United States of America. The Green lantern and Bizzaro were created as the secret weapons for the USA. Following the supposed death of Superman, the world was ushered into a golden era of prosperity under the Luthor family.



  • This Earth is based on Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Killian Plunkett's Superman: Red Son, and is the direct continuation of the pre-Flashpoint Earth-30.
  • Earth 30 is opposite Earth 24 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is directly connected to Heaven.
  • Earth 30 is one half of the "Totalitarian Pairing" in the local Multiverse with Earth 10.

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