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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-33.

Earth 33 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


Earth 33 is an abnormal universe in comparison to other realities in the Multiverse; while Earth 33 follows many of the broad historical trends seen on Earth in most other universes (7 continents, humans as the dominant species, an American civil war and two world wars), due to vastly different laws of physics and relative technological limitations it lacks a single, crucial element common to every other universe: superheroes. Nor are the likes of alien intelligences, magical forces or hyper-advanced technology known to exist, as such things appear in this universe only in fiction; its sole, mysterious superhuman being is known as Ultra Comics, powered by the collective imagination of its readers. The chronicles of the Multiverse were placed here by the long-gone Monitor race through the comic book medium, and it seems individual human minds on this special Earth may be able to shape the course of the rest of creation.


  • Harleen Quinzel[3]
  • Ultra Comics
  • Memesmiths
  • Ace Arn
  • Gary Concord, Sr.
  • Gary Concord, Jr.
  • Neighborhood Guard
    • Boy Blue
    • Red Riding Hood
  • Rex Ultraa
  • Maxima
  • Ultra Woman
  • Deformoids
    • Betterman
    • Factory
    • Flucker
    • Gog
    • Snow-Woman
    • Moonman
    • Underwoman
  • Reborizzon
  • Tor the Time Tyrant


  • The Multiversity Guidebook states that Superboy Prime is an inhabitant of Earth 33.
    • Despite being a reference to his status as the Superman of the former Earth-Prime (which, barring an unknown change in the Multiverse, was not the Pre-Flashpoint Earth-33), Superboy-Prime was never a resident of Earth 33 as he was only displaced to the Post-Flashpoint Multiverse[4][5] and, eventually, returned to the restored Earth-Prime.[6]
  • While a repository of the chronicles of the Multiverse through its comic book medium, Earth 33 does not have access to all the various titles known to exist throughout the Multiverse, such as Quantum Comics, Keystone Comics or Spire Comics, though it does have titles with some of the same characters involved. Notably, rather than Major Comics, Earth 33 has Marvel Comics, which depicts the adventures of a group of heroes extremely similar to those of Earth 8 in their own separate Multiverse.
  • Earth 33 is opposite Earth 0 in the structure of the Multiverse and is directly connected to the Rock of Eternity.
    • Earth 33 is one end of the "Axis of Creation" in the local Multiverse with Prime Earth.
  • Earth 33 is surrounded by the Fictive Membrane which can only be penetrated by ideas.


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