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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-34, Earth-Thirty-Four.

Earth 34 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


Home to the superheroes of the Light Brigade, who live, work in, and when necessary defend the vibrant city of Cosmoville.



  • Earth 34 is an analogue for Astro City by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson; the Light Brigade is based on Astro City's Honor Guard.
    • The Light Brigade's Batman analog the Stingray is not based on an Astro City character; instead he is based on a pre-Crisis alternate Batman seen in "If Bruce Wayne Had Not Become the Batman" in Batman #256.
  • The adventures of this Earth are published on the other worlds of the Multiverse under the Spire Comics banner.
  • Earth 34 is opposite Earth 19 in the structure of the Multiverse.

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