On this dark Earth, the various nations of the world are largely isolationist, only coming together in times of desperation--as a result, this realities' superpeople are similarly diverse in terms of appearance, philosophy and interests.



  • Earth 41 is an analogue for Image Comics.
  • Earth 41 is opposite Earth 23 in the structure of the Multiverse.
  • Earth 41 is part of an area in the local Multiverse termed "The Otherworlds" with Earths 35, 39, 45 and 46. It was once part of "The Brightlands" with Earths 8 and 36, but traded places with Earth 5.


  • The Nimrod Squad is based on the Image Comics team Youngblood, each member being a fusion of a DC character and an Image character—Fletch is a combination of Green Lantern and Shaft the archer; Flintstein is a fusion of Martian Manhunter and the stony hero Badrock; Vague is based on Wonder Woman and Vogue; and Nightcracker is combines two robotic heroes, Red Tornado and Diehard.

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