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Earth 49, also known as "Earth-Injustice", is a reality of the Multiverse. Until recently it was considered the most mysterious of the seven unknown worlds.[1]


Early History

On Earth 49, the Joker used a combination of Kryptonite and the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin to drug Superman and make him hallucinate that Lois Lane was Doomsday. Under the influence of the gas, Superman attacked Lois and killed her while she was pregnant with their first child.[2][3] This caused Superman to snap, murder the Joker and institute an authoritarian fascist Regime to ensure the "safety" of the people of his world.[4] Batman formed an Insurgency to oppose him.[5]

Death Metal

Earth 49 0001

Earth 49 burning during the Dark Nights.

Years later, after the Mother of the Multiverse Perpetua began destroying every reality that refused to choose the side of Doom, Earth 49 was one of the last universes to still exist; Perpetua eventually travelled to this world to which she offered the possibility to stand with her and prevent its destruction.

However, the fresh-born Darkest Knight reached the Super Celestial on Earth 49 in order to destroy her once and for all: Perpetua suddenly attacked the Dark Batman by throwing Earth 49 at him and, as a consequence, causing the inevitable annihilation of this universe.[6]

Some time later, after the Hands were saved by Wonder Woman and chose to restore the Multiverse, Earth 49 was brought back into existence and came to be part of the so-called Infinite Frontier along with the rest of the infinite realities.[7]

The New Superman

Ultraman, an alternate universe counterpart of Superman from Earth 3, went on a killing spree through the Multiverse murdering every version of Kal-El that he could find. Jon Kent, one of the Supermen of Earth 0, along with Val-Zod and Red Tornado of Earth 2 followed Ultraman to Earth 49 and confronted him, hoping to stop him before he could kill again. Ultraman quickly sent Val-Zod and Red Tornado to the Phantom Zone and dominated Jon in a one-on-one fight, as the younger hero constantly held back from using his full strength even against someone as powerful as Ultraman. Jon was able to overpower Ultraman by using his newly-evolved energy powers, but doing so left him exhausted and powerless. Ultraman recovered, and was about to attack the helpless Jon when Superman swooped in behind him and killed Ultraman by snapping his neck before he could even react.[8]

Superman recognised Jon as the son of his and Lois' counterparts. He tried to form a father-son bond with Jon as a link to Lois, and convince him to adopt the Regime's more "proactive" methods. Jon was initially interested but quickly learned that the Superman of Earth 49 ruled by fear rather than leading by example like his father.[5] He met the Insurgency but was unsure if they were the good guys either. It wasn't until after he met with his boyfriend Jay Nakamura's counterpart, who confirmed that Superman was a brutal dictator, that he decided he needed to side with Batman to overthrow the Regime.[2] Unfortunately, Jon inadvertently led the Regime to the Insurgency's base and they were captured. The Insurgency were imprisoned and Batman and Harley Quinn were sentenced to death.[3]

Jon flew to the Sun and charged his solar reserves to their maximum possible levels. He returned to Earth and used his enhanced powers to either neutralise the various members of the Regime or convince them to stand down. Jon secretly broke the Insurgency out of their prison at the Hall of Justice and confronted Superman. However, rather than fight Superman he embraced him and told him he was sorry for what he had been through. Jon tried to convince Superman that he was wrong and refused to fight him even after Superman hit him. He played Superman a message which his mother had recorded for him when he left home to face Ultraman; in the message, Lois told Jon that his ability to keep his compassion and not hate Ultraman even after what he had done to Jon were his greatest strengths. Although the message was about Jon and Ultraman it could easily be applied to Superman and the Joker. Jon appeared to be getting through to Superman, but Cyborg blasted him with a weapon which returned him to Earth 0. As he disappeared, Jon told Superman he hoped he could find a better path, but that he had shown Superman's weakness to the world and his tyranny could not last.[9]


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  • Earth 49 is based on the Injustice franchise, although it appears to be a single universe rather than a Multiverse of its own.
    • It is possible the alternate universes seen in the games are among the as yet unexplored universes in the expanded Multiverse.
  • During its first full appearance, Earth 49 was depicted as a burning reality. It is now known that this was a result of Perpetua's power, and not its natural state.
  • When the Flash briefly visits this universe while fighting the Anti-Monitor, a version of Jessica Cruz can be seen, who has not made an appearance in any Injustice media yet.
    • Similarly, Jon Kent encounters an alternate version of Jay Nakamura, who has also not made any appearances in Injustice media.

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