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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-S, Earth-Five, Earth-5.

Earth 5 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


Earth 5 is the bright home of the magical champion of justice Captain Marvel and the similarly empowered Marvel Family (including Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.), where the adventures never end as they defend their universe from the likes of the Captain's brilliant mortal enemy Doctor Sivana and the fiendish forces of the Monster Society of Evil.

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  • Earth 5 is based on the earlier concepts of Earth-S and Earth-5.
  • The adventures of this Earth are published on the other worlds of the Multiverse under the Keystone Comics banner.
  • Earth 5 is opposite Earth 10 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is the closest known universe in it to Heaven.
  • Earth 5 is part of an area in the local Multiverse termed "The Brightlands" with Earths 8 and 36. It was once part of "The Otherworlds" with Earths 4, 35, 39, 45 and 46, but traded places with Earth 41.
  • A hypertime reality very similar to this reality was visited by the Flash and Atom of Earth-898.[1] Its relationship to Earth-S, Earth-5, and Earth 5 is unknown.


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