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Earth 52 is reality that was created by the Multiverse to preserve the era of the Metaverse which existed after both Doctor Manhattan's interference of its history and the Flashpoint and preceded the Rebirth.


At some point in time, Doctor Manhattan meddled with Earth 0's history, preventing Alan Scott from becoming Green Lantern and erasing, as a consequence, the existence of the Justice Society of America. Meanwhile, Barry Allen aka the Flash went back in time and stopped his mother's murder at the hands of the Reverse Flash, resulting in the creation of a dark timeline, the Flashpoint, where the world had fallen into chaos.

Doctor Manhattan's interference with history and the erasure of the Flashpoint caused the birth of a different reality where the superheroes were just born in modern days.

Many years later, after being saved by Superman, Doctor Manhattan had a change of heart about his experiment and undid his actions. Upon doing that, he discovered that Earth 0 was a sentient reality, which he defined as the "Metaverse": in fact, it shifts forward every time Superman appears on Earth so that the Multiverse expands itself to preserve every era of the Kryptonian hero.

According to Doctor Manhattan, Earth 52 is a reality, existing somewhere in the Multiverse, that was born in the aftermath of the Rebirth and preserves the events that followed his actions and the Flashpoint paradox, with its own Justice League to protect the universe.[1]


  • Justice League
    • Batman
    • Superman
    • Wonder Woman


  • A 53rd Earth was also referred to in the Dark Nights: Metal event, consisting of primate versions of Earth 0's heroes. The existence of "Earth 52" in Doomsday Clock is a way to maintain the events of the New 52 era, a lot of which were erased during the Rebirth era. However, neither of the realities have appeared outside the storylines that introduced them.


  • It was never explained if Earth 52 is part of the Orrery of Worlds of the New 52's iteration of the Multiverse or it is one of the Hypertime realities. It may exist in the Omniverse.

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