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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-8, Earth-Eight.

Earth 8 is one of the worlds of the Multiverse in the New 52.


For generations, life on Earth 8, known to its inhabitants as Angor, passed similarly to that in the other universes. Yet there at last came a day unlike any other, when a threat arrived that was too much for any one hero to battle, forcing Angor's mightiest champions to unite against a common threat: on that day The Rampaging Retaliators were born. In-fighting between superheroes is common on Angor, and distrust of them amongst the general public is great, even as they, and teams such as the Future Family and 'neo-human' G-('Geno')-Men, as well as heroes such as Bug and Stuntmaster, defend their world from the likes of Lord Havok and the Extremists.

One day, the Mad Lord Havok gathered the Omni-Gauntlets and the Genesis Egg, before stealing the axe of Wundajin and breaking it. This coincided with the arrival of a group of heroes from other universes, aboard the Ultima Thule, who were met by the Retaliators, seeking to stop Havok before he smashed open the egg. As the two groups stood off, Havok badly wounded his long-time enemies, the Future Family, and cracked the egg. As a result, The Gentry gained a foothold into the universe, killing Havok in the process. The egg turned out to be an incubating form of a badly corrupted Nix Uotan. Earth 8 was then the site of the showdown between the corrupted Nix Uotan and the assembled heroes of multiple earths, who eventually managed to free the Monitor from the Gentry's influence, before confronting their master on Earth 7.

Later, Lord Havok was restored to life through the Might Behind the Mirror, repairing the damage done to Angor by the Gentry in the process. Banding together his Extremists, he attempted to take control of Angor to forestall further apocalypse, but instead triggered a nuclear war that ended the world.[1] Ultimately, however, the sacrifice of Havok and his onetime ally in Dreamslayer allowed Angor to be reborn as it was through the cosmic power of the Adjudicator. As a result of this, the nuclear war was prevented in this new timeline and everything was restored.[2][3]

Monsters made from Dark Matter one day attacked the world, and tracking their source, the Retaliators and the Zen Men teamed up, heading to Earth 23 and clashing with Wally West due to believing he's connected to the incident. However, Wally West managed to nullify the Dark Matter, solving the crisis, while the heroes returned to their world.[4]

Psycho-Pirate came to Earth 8 and offered Machinehead a deal: betray his Justice Incarnate teammates and help Darkseid conquer the Multiverse, and he will protect Earth 8. As their world had been particularly damaged by cross-dimensional incursions, the Retaliators voted to take the deal. Unfortunately this was in vain, Machinehead was killed and a crack in the Multiverse drew Tartarus to Angor, where he laid waste to part of New York and killed American Crusader and Behemoth. Justice Incarnate came to Earth 8 chasing the crack and Darkseid, but Silver Eagle told them to leave as the Multiverse had once again destroyed their world.[5]



  • Earth 8 is an analogue for the marvelous competition. It is similar to the 52 Multiverse concepts of Earth-6 and Earth-8, possessing notable characters from both. It also appears largely similar to the main universe of the separate Marvel multiverse, Earth-616.
  • The Retaliators are very similar to the Champions of Angor, an Avengers pastiche group that also battled Lord Havok, and whose similarly-named Thor counterpart Wandjina possessed an axe like that of Wundajin.
  • The adventures of this Earth are published on the other worlds of the Multiverse under the Major Comics banner; Major Comics are known to have been published on Earths 4, 5, 10, 16, 23 and 36.
  • Earth 8 is opposite Earth 44 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is one of the two known universes in it closest to New Genesis, the "Pinnacle" aspect of the Sphere of the Gods.
  • Earth 8 is one half of the "Lee/Kirby Binary" in the local Multiverse with Earth 51.
  • Earth 8 is part of an area in the local Multiverse termed "The Brightlands" with Earths 5 and 36.
  • Despite coming after Earth 7 numerically, Earth 8 is considered the original, with 7 being a "recreation", the equivalent to Marvel's "Ultimate" universe.

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