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Earth Omega is one of the realities which were born after the Hands restored the Multiverse, annexing it to the web of Multiverses, known as the Infinite Frontier.[1]


In the aftermath of the Darkest Knight's death at the hands of a Forge of Worlds-empowered Wonder Woman, the omnipotent rulers of the Omniverse, known as The Hands, decided to spare the Multiverse as a reward for Diana's selflessness: they restored Earth 0 to its Pre-Metalverse state, brought back every destroyed reality in the Multiverse and created a web of multiverses which came to be known as the Infinite Frontier.[2]

Earth Omega, as it was defined by the Flash, was born as an obscure reality in the new configuration of the Multiverse and it had also become one of its new centers, along with the so-called Elseworld.[2] It is actually a fragment of the Great Darkness, dormant since the first crisis.[3]

After the rebirth of the Multiverse, the Quintessence imprisoned Darkseid on Earth Omega to preserve all the creation from his darkness. Later, in the aftermath of Wonder Woman's refusal to become herself a member of the Quintessence, the supreme beings returned to Earth Omega to check on the prison they had previously created: suddenly, they were attacked and, seemingly, slaughtered by an escaped Darkseid who also declared himself to be the End.[4]


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