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Ecco was the assistant, proxy and girlfriend to Jeremiah Valeska, also known as Xander Wilde. An excellent and skilled fighter, Ecco eventually serves as Jeremiah's henchwoman, after he undergoes his change into becoming a terrorist in Gotham, donning a harlequin suit as her costume. 10 years after the No Man's Land, she was killed by Jeremiah after being stabbed by Barbara Kean.


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Ecco before becoming the Mummer.

Little is known about Ecco's early life, but according to her, her father moved out of their home before her sixth birthday. Eventually, she became the assistant and proxy of Jeremiah Valeska (who at the time went by the alias Xander Wilde) and devoted her life to him.[1][2]

Jeremiah's right-hand woman

When Jerome escapes from Arkham, Jeremiah sends Ecco to capture him so he can be held inside a cage in his bunker. However, the Mad Hatter hypnotize Ecco and sends her to kill Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock and bring Jeremiah to his brother Jerome.[2]

Ecco Gotham TV Series 0001

Ecco as the Mummer.

After Jerome's death and Jeremiah's transformation into a criminal, Ecco continues acting as his right-hand woman and begins wearing a harlequin costume as the Mummer. She later shows up on her motorcycle at the Gotham Cemetery, in which Jerome's followers are all gathered and holds up a voice recording to the horn, projecting a message from "Jerome", giving his followers instructions to dig him up. When Gordon shows up to Jeremiah's bunker and a video of Jerome begins to play on the screen, Ecco shows up and points a gun towards Jim's head.

Jim knocks the gun away and tries to fight her, but she puts up a fight back. Eventually, Jim gets the upper hand on her and knocks her out. So he removes her mask and discovers her true identity as Ecco, while on the screen "Jerome" is revealed to be Jeremiah. Taking advantage of his shock, Ecco sneaks away and locks Jim inside the bunker, which explodes. Ecco later went to Wayne Enterprises with Jeremiah and kills two guards, so the two use their keycards to break inside and steal Bruce Wayne's self-perpetuating Generators, that Jeremiah and Ra's al Ghul used to cause the cataclysm.[3][4]

No Man's Land

During the No Man's Land, Ecco helps Jeremiah to establish his Church as a way to gain followers. After 80 days, she breaks into GCPD and vandalizes their map with Jeremiah's symbol.[5] It is later revealed that Ecco shot herself in the head, causing her to become mentally unstable and started to worship Jeremiah like a God.

Ecco Gotham 0003

Ecco as the leader of the Church of Jeremiah.

While trying to recruit more followers of Jeremiah, Ecco is found by Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Ecco reveals that the candidates have to play russian roulette and aim the gun at each other, and Selina jams the gun of the guy behind her. Ecco later sends those that survived into another room to be "reborn" while she confronts the Cat. Ecco reveals to her that she shot herself and the bullet is still inside her head. Selina calls Ecco insane, who responds that she stared death in the face, which allowed her old self to die. She then says she knows who Selina is, saying she and Jeremiah know all about Bruce's life. Selina eventually knocks Ecco's gun away, and they fight until Selina gets the upper hand and holds the gun to the villain's head, who stabs her in the leg and gets away.[6]

Ecco later brings a recruit to Jeremiah, who is disappointed by the low number and grabs her by the throat, pulls her close and looks at the side of her head, saying she has set the bar high for devotion. He pulls her into dance and she tells him about Bruce and Selina looking for him. After Ecco leaves with the recruits, Selina uses Ecco's mask and robe and uses it to get close to Jeremiah and stabs him nine times.[1]

Jeremiah survives and rests while Ecco supervises his digging operation. When they reach their destination, she wakes him up and shows concern over his injury, but he says that the bullet in her head is making her sentimental and they went into Wayne Manor, where he has prepared Thomas and Martha Wayne look-a-likes via plastic surgery.[7]

Ecco and Jeremiah later made a "Mask of Zorro" styled film to recreate the night Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered. She helped him murder some people and capture Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins to hypnotize them into thinking they were Thomas and Martha Wayne. She then went to Ace Chemicals along with Mad Hatter and drove a truck full of rockets in the Crime Alley, where Jeremiah planned to shoot Jim and Lee. After Selina Kyle intervened and Bruce tackles Jeremiah, Ecco turned on the bombs.[8]

After Jeremiah became severely disfigured and brain dead after falling into a vat of chemicals, he was sent to Arkham Asylum and Ecco poses as a nurse to take care of him. It is later revealed that Jeremiah faked being brain dead while he waited for Bruce Wayne to return to Gotham.[9]


10 years later, Ecco kills two inmates bother Jeremiah and tells him that the jig is up, when Gordon is onto Jeremiah's orchestrating the frame-up of Bullock. So they head to the Sirens Club to kidnap Barbara Gordon, where they ambush Barbara Kean and Ecco is stabbed by her. She is later killed by Jeremiah, who states that there are "other fish in the sea".[9]


Other Characteristics


  • Mummer suit (Formerly)


  • Motorcycle


  • Handgun



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