Ectreba was enslaved by the Sangtee Empire, and escaped during a slave revolt lead by Wonder Woman.

Following their escape she became part of Wonder Woman's pirate group that continued freeing slaves with guerrilla tactics before forcing the empire to abolish slavery altogether, though Ectreba did not always see eye-to-eye with the Amazon.

When Wonder Woman and Natasha Teranova were able to return to Earth using Julia of Daxam's intel on its locale relative to the Sangtee Empire, it was Ectreba who became the new captain to the revolutionaries and freed slaves who had not scattered or were still trying to find their way home. She also vowed to keep an eye on the Kreel and make sure their empire did not attempt to bring back slavery. The rebellious Dominator Sakritt became her lieutenant.


  • The Hippolyta (space ship)



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