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Ed Benes (b. November 20, 1972) is a comic book artist.

Professional History

After joining Brazilian artist agency Art&Comics, Bezerra - whose pen name was changed to "Ed Benes" at the agency's owner suggestion - had samples of his work sent to various American companies, eventually leading to a job at Neal Adams' Continuity Comics, in the title Samuree. Afterwards he got work with Marvel Comics and WildStorm Productions before moving on to his long-running employer, DC Comics.[1]

Personal History

Born in the Brazilian northeast, where he lives to date, José Edilbenes Bezerra started drawing at the age of 14, copying the work from the superhero comics his brother owned. He started with John Buscema, and also lists among his influences John Byrne, Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, and Adam Hughes.[1]

Work History


  • Ed Benes speaks primarily Portuguese, and communicates with his colleagues almost exclusively via a translator.