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Ed Herron (b. July 23, 1918 – d.September 2, 1966) was a writer.

Personal History

France Edward Herron was born in Ohio and grew up in West Virginia. Herron joined the U.S. Army in 1942, where he wrote for the military newspaper Stars and Stripes.

Herron died in September 1966.

Professional History

Ed Herron was a comic book writer and editor, active on the time periods known as the Golden Age and Silver Age of Comics. He worked for Marvel Comics' predecessor "Timely Comics" on the title Captain America, where he created the character "Red Skull". He first started working for DC Comics in 1947 on titles such as World's Finest and Adventure Comics. Later on he worked on various other titles including Superman, Batman, Detective Comics, Tomahawk, Our Army at War, Star-Spangled War Stories and many more.

He worked for DC until 1965, after which he started working for Harvey Comics and some newspaper strips until his death in 1966.

Work History

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