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Edda Heimat was a Nazi Spy, and also was secretly the Black Tigress.

In Egypt during World War II, Gestapo agent Edda Heimat adopted the identity of Black Tigress, and commanded a company of Arab guerillas. The Germans and the Arabs in the Suez region might or might not have known who she was, the chronicles are unclear, but she was known to be widely feared.

The Black Tigress and her Nazi bosses planned to dive-bomb an American munitions ship, at a certain point in the Suez Canal, thus disabling the entire canal. She personally led the bomber squadron in this attack, which was intercepted by the Blackhawk Squadron. After crashing her own plane into Blackhawk's fighter, causing them both to crash, she made one last attempt to kill him, but died.


  • Aviation She could fly a light bomber.
  • Leadership She led a squadron of light bombers, and a gang of Arab guerillas.

  • Edda Heimat, the Black Tigress, of Egypt, is not known to be affiliated with either the anonymous outlaw Tiger Lady, of the jungle,[1] or Joan "Tigress" Sanders, of Tigress Island.[2]
  • Her "Black Tigress" disguise consisted of a houri dancer outfit with a diaphanous veil which didn't even conceal the fact that she was the only blonde woman in the region, so it's not clear who if anybody she expected to be fooling. So when Blackhawk pretended to be fooled, she was insulted into a fury, and had him flogged. Later when she died in his arms, Blackhawk was amazed to discover that she was really Edda.



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