Quote1 Long ago I discovered that floating in the tails of all comets were molecules of carbon and nitrogen! These gases were combined in terrific pressures! My machine is drawing power from the comet even now! By a system of joined molecular structures, that force is being harnessed for my use! Quote2
Edgar Edley src
Edgar Edley was an enemy of Sandman.

In the early 1940s, Edgar Edley developed a technology for harnessing power from comets, with which he was able to accomplish incredible effects. With his "Cometiray" device, he could derail a high-speed steam-powered passenger train and guide it to a safe stop in an open field, then magnetically levitate a stack of gold bricks to smash its way thru the wall of an express car, and fly to a nearby location. It could also be used to propel and maneuver Edley's spherical airship, and to repel live human bodies.

Most significantly, he was able to use this technology to rejuvenate himself, from a bald old man to the condition of a man of 30. He was still artificially young at the time of his arrest, and there is no record of this effect being reversed.



  • Cometiray Projector


  • Cometiray-powered Flying Sphere


  • Cometiray

  • Edley explains: "Carbon is what gives matter life! There is plenty of carbonic force in my machines. I'll train them on myself at a special pitch! Watch!"
  • Before his rejuvenation treatment, Edley was bald and had a white beard and mustache. Afterward, he had brown hair, a mustache, and no beard, and soon after that he had no mustache either.



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