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Quote1.png For everything I did, everything I stole, everyone I killed, nothing changed. I was still me. Quote2.png
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Edgar Jacobi began as a stage magician in his teens as Moloch the Mystic, and became a foe to the Minutemen, the original team of superheroes back in the 1950s.

After small-time crimes, Jacobi evolved into a flamboyant criminal mastermind through underworld contacts and running vice clubs and gambling dens, where he oversaw drugs and financial fraud. He also came into conflict with other new superheroes, such as Doctor Manhattan. After being incarcerated in the 1970s, Jacobi retired from crime.

Jacobi unknowingly was part of Adrian Veidt's conspiracy to get rid of Doctor Manhattan, in which he was hired by Dimensional Developments and given cancer, along with Wally Weaver and Janey Slater. When the Comedian, Edward Blake, discovered Veidt's conspiracy, he discovered the list of infected people and realized that Jacobi was one of the few people he could be certain was not a part of Veidt's plan. Drunk and hysterical, Blake, unmasked, broke into Jacobi's home at night and told him about the plan, knowing that Jacobi would not understand.

After Edward Blake's death, Jacobi attended his funeral while incognito. Doctor Manhattan was also present and saw Jacobi, but did not recognize his old enemy. However, Rorschach, disguised as a homeless man at the funeral, recognized Jacobi and followed him to his home, where he threatened him. Jacobi explained to Rorschach about his cancer and his mysterious visit by the Comedian shortly before his death.

Jacobi was later paid a second visit by Rorschach following Doctor Manhattan's self-exile to Mars, and demanded that should he have any information regarding the discrediting of Doctor Manhattan, to leave a note in the trashcan opposite of the Gunga Diner. Adrian Veidt had already learned of Rorschach's investigation and had Jacobi killed with a gunshot wound to the head. An unknown figure dropped a message in that trashcan causing Rorschach to return to Jacobi's home, where he found Jacobi's body, and he was framed for the crime.[1] It was later revealed that Jacobi had been murdered by Adrian Veidt to frame Rorschach to keep him from interfering in his plans, and to cut off another loose end.


  • Moloch was often called the Mystic and was once known as Edgar the Entertaining.[2]


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