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Quote1.png To others, she's the world's greatest heroine, but she's more than that to us! She's the daughter we dearly love! Quote2.png
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Edna Danvers was Supergirl's adoptive mother.

Edna and her husband Fred were two locals of Midvale, a town located near from Metropolis. Their only son Jan was killed on active duty with the US Army.[1] Needing to fill their emotional void, they decided to adopt one of the orphaned kids living in Midvale Orphanage. There they met a sixteen-year-old girl named Linda Lee who seemed just as lonely and sad as them,[2] so they adopted her.[3]

Several days later, Fred was driving his family down a road when his car fell off a bridge. Linda saved her parents' lives, grabbing the falling vehicle and flying them to safety. Then she -and a newcomer Superman- revealed the truth (which they were about to tell the Danvers anyway): her real name was Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from Krypton, and she was about to start out her public hero career. Edna and Fred vowed to keep Linda and her cousin identities' a secret.[4]

Several months later Linda discovered her birth parents were still alive, trapped in a pocket dimension called the "Survival Zone". Linda managed to get them out, but Edna wasn't happy with the idea of losing her adoptive daughter; still she was willing to give her up if it made Linda happy. Both sets of parents agreed that Zor-El and Allura would live in Kandor, and Linda could stay over at any time.[5]

Nonetheless, Kara's visits were few and far between, and Allura eventually got sick due to her daughter's long absences. Edna and Fred moved to Kandor temporarily for Kara and Allura's sake, but Edna missed her daughter and inwardly resented to share her with her birth parents. Her continuing grief and her resentment were spurred to the max by an accidental injection of venom from a Kandorian Srang beast. Driven mad, Edna attempted to get Zor-El and Allura out of the way permanently, but she got found by Supergirl and cured.[6]

Several years later Linda graduated from Stanhope College. Edna and her husband attended her daughter's graduation ceremony and said goodbye to Linda when she moved away,[7] although she visited her adoptive parents often. During one of her visits, Edna showed Supergirl several costume designs she came up with. Supergirl liked them so much she made herself a new costume.[8]

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