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Eduardo Barreto (b. January 1954 – d.December 15, 2011) was a comic book artist.

Personal History

Eduardo Barreto was born in 1954 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was a comic book fan since childhood. He lived in Argentina most of his life. He moved to New York in order to start working with the major comic book companies. Barreto died December 15, 2011 of undisclosed health issues. His two children, Diego and Andrea Barreto, both work in the comic book industry.

Professional History

Barreto was an Uruguayan comic book artist who worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other major comic book companies. His career began in 1970 when he began drawing for Argentinian publishers. His editor in Argentina told him to try luck in the U.S. In 1979, Barreto traveled to New York City and almost immediately got his first assignment from Marvel. His first DC work was an origin story for Hawkman featured in World's Finest #261. He would go on to work for almost every major American comic book company. In his later years, he returned to Uruguay to work on some magazines and illustrated novels.

His last published work was completed while he was in the hospital, just two months before his death. The work, DC Retroactive: Superman-The '70s #1, was published in September 2011.

Work History

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