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Quote1.png I used to pray to get rid of my powers. Still don't see myself as the hero type, but I've learned to accept, even love my meta-abilities. They're part of me now. Wouldn't wanna pretend they don't exist. Quote2.png
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Eduardo "Ed" Dorado, Jr. is a youth counselor in the Meta-Human Youth Center of the S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico. As a member of the Outsiders, he's known as El Dorado, the golden one.

Ed Dorado ran away from his grandfather's home in Argentina to be with his father, Eduardo Dorado, Sr., who worked at S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, New Mexico, in the United States. Along the way he was captured and experimented on by the Reach. He was experimented upon and his Metagene was activated, giving him the power to teleport. He joined a team with other victims of the Reach.



  • Eduardo has been confirmed to be gay by Greg Weisman and he is dating someone Weisman was not allowed to reveal then.[2] The only male character Eduardo has an intimate relationship with is Kid Flash (Bart Allen), who was also suggested to be gay by Weisman, although he wasn't allowed to say that either, just saying that among Dick, Wally, Jaime and Bart one of them is gay (and Bart is the only one among them who has not been seen in romantic relationships with the opposite sex).[3] Bart was seen kissing Eduardo, who smiled in response, and they were later referred to as a couple by Static (Virgil Hawkins).[4]



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