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Eduardo Dorrance is a mercenary and terrorist known as Bane who uses a drug called Venom to enhance his physical strength.


At one point Eduardo Dorrance joined the army and served alongside James Gordon. Both men became friends and saved each others' life on more than one occasion. During the war, Gordon earned Eduardo's respect and gratitude, but Jim eventually decided to leave the army in order to return to Gotham City and join the GCPD. Shortly after, Dorrance and the rest of his military task force were captured during the war in Santa Prisca and imprisoned at Peña Duro, which he would later describe as "the darkest hell on earth".[1]

Left there to die by the government, Eduardo and his fellow soldiers were forced to endure the cruel games of the prison guards. They would choose one of the soldiers and bury him alive, then take bets on whether he could dig his way out or not. But when he managed to free himself from his grave, they would bury the soldier even deeper and play again. All of Eduardo's fellow soldiers died during their prison sentence, leaving him as the sole survivor of the squad who managed to endure the games of the guards. When Nyssa al Ghul came to Peña Duro, Dorrance stood out to her and she pulled him out of the prison, promising to give him a new purpose.[2]

No Man's Land

Four years after Jim Gordon had left the military, Eduardo Dorrance was put in command of the Delta Force by Nyssa and sent to Gotham City, seemingly to help restore it from its No Man's Land status.[3]

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  • Guns/Firearms
  • Life Support Suit
  • Venom



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