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Eduardo Flamingo is the top enforcer for the Penitente Cartel. One of the deadliest assassins in the world, he's also known as The Eater of Faces for his cannibalistic tendencies towards his victims.

Eduardo Flamingo once crusaded against the mob until they captured him and performed brain surgery on him. Having had his personality completely altered, Flamingo killed his own wife and children, becoming an enforcer for the cartel he once fought. Soon, he became one of the most feared assassins in the world with a reputation for eating his victims' faces. According to Gabriel Santo, Flamingo has an impeccable kill record.[1]

Flamingo nearly killed the Red Hood if it weren't for the intervention of Dick Grayson who had recently taken up the mantle of Batman after Bruce Wayne's death.[2]


  • Firearms: Flamingo is a master assassin and expert with multiple firearms.


  • Mental Illness: Having been lobotomized by the mob, Flamingo's behaviour and mindset can change rapidly. Many of his plans lack a point, making them easy to foil.

  • Flamingo has been described by Grant Morrison as an "evil Zorro". [citation needed]


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