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The Frost King was a powerful metahuman with cryokinetic abilities from 10th Century Greenland.

He was originally a man called Edwald Olafsson and acquired his moniker because his fellow Norsemen believed him to be an incarnation of the mythical Frost King.

After a battle with a team consisting of Hippolyta, Black Adam, Viking Prince, and Swamp Thing, he was buried for a thousand years in the glacier that would eventually house the Fortress of Solitude. When the Fortress was destroyed, the Frost King was unleashed into the world once again, now enhanced with Kryptonian energy.


  • Meta-human:
    • Cryokinesis: The Frost King has an empathetic, elemental connection to the climate around him, allowing him the ability to generate, control and manipulate ice, snow, and cold temperatures. He can project powerful blasts of waves of ice powerful enough to incapacitate the entire Justice League. [3]
      • Cryokinetic Constructs: Frost King is able to create solid ice constructs for multiple purposes. He was able to create an army of fully animated ice monsters and control them under his command.[3]
      • Clairvoyance: By focusing his mind, Frost King can sense and track the presence of anything / everything hidden in the ice and snow that he creates. He was able to track the whereabouts of his family, who were frozen in chunks of ice crystals.[4]
      • Weather Manipulation: The Frost King can manipulate cold temperatures to such a degree that he was able to cause a massive worldwide snowstorm, capable of causing frostbite and hypothermia from even brief exposure to it.[1]
      • Longevity: Due to the nature of his powers, Frost King does not physical age. Despite being buried alive for centuries in the Arctic ice sheet, the Frost King didn't seem to age at all, prolonging his lifespan.[3]
    • Superhuman Strength: Frost King's strength is enhanced to levels far greater than any normal human.[5]
    • Superhuman Durability: Frost King durability was greater than ordinary humans. He was even able to withstand blows and lightning strikes from the vastly strong Black Adam.[4][2]
  • Kryptonian Crystal Enhancement (Formerly): Due to residual Kryptonian Crystals fusing with the ice deep within the glacier that Frost King was trapped in, he absorbed the energy of the crystals, resulting in a bolstering of his powers. This also causes him to emit a Kryptonian energy signature.[3]
    • Energy Absorption: After fusing with the energy from the Kryptonian crystals, Frost King is able to absorb additional Kryptonian energy, resulting in an even bigger power boost.[5]
    • Size Alteration: After absorbing more energy from the kryptonian crystal, Frost King is able to increase his size to get bigger and more powerful.[5]




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