Edwar Martinez was discovered by Mr. Auerbach, a reporter, in a hospital.[1] He had the ability to sense the fears and anxieties in others and turn them into reality. However, this power was very uncontrolled until Auerbach began to hold Edwar captive in the basement of KN News. He was hooked up to machines and forced to watch news coverage in order to sense the anxieties of the general public. Auerbach, going by the name Spin, could then channel Edwar's ability and turn specific anxieties into reality.[2]

Spin summoned Gorilla Grodd to Keystone to battle the Flash, against the gorilla's will. In his rage, Grodd and the infant Nzame destroyed Spin's machinery, freeing Edwar and causing his powers to go out of control. The citizens of Keystone began to act out nearly every piece of news that was being covered in the media, causing massive chaos.[3]


  • Empathy: Edwar is able to sense what news stories are currently making the public anxious are turn them into reality.
    • Reality Alteration: He needs to be connected to Spin's machines while viewing news coverage in order to properly channel this ability.



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