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Quote1 Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense. Quote2
-- The Comedian src


Eddie Blake had the longest crime fighting career out of all the costumed vigilantes. Edward Blake first started out as a crime fighter in the 1940's as The Comedian.

The Minutemen

He was part of a group called the Minutemen, a team of eight masked crime fighting vigilantes. After a photo shoot for the Minutemen, The Comedian walked into a room to find Silk Spectre changing. He then attempted to rape her but was stopped by Hooded Justice, who proceeded to beat Blake in a rage. The Minutemen banned him from the group, though not before Blake held Hooded Justice at gunpoint and threatened to kill him and anyone else if they ever touched him again.

After being stabbed in the chest in 1941, he changed his green and purple costume to tough leather armor. Soon after the Minutemen disbanded in the 1950's, Blake was called to testify for the disappearance and killing of Hooded Justice, but he refused to testify. Nothing was ever proved against him.

The Crimebusters

In the late 60's Blake joined a group called the Crimebusters, led by Captain Metropolis. However, their first meeting did not last long after the Comedian set fire to one of Metropolis's display and told everybody that the group was a joke.

After the Keene Act in the 70's, the Comedian joined the fight in Vietnam with Dr. Manhattan, receiving a disfiguring scar on the left side of his face at war's end by an enraged Vietnamese woman he had impregnated. He shot her in retaliation, telling Doctor Manhattan, who had watched the ordeal that, despite the numerous chances at preventing the entire indiscretion, he did nothing.

Returning home, he assisted Nite Owl in attempting to quell a riot, only to become enraged after someone hit him in the head with a piece of debris, opening fire on the crowd with rubber bullets. After the riot disperses, Nite Owl questioned his brutal choice of action, which Blake dismissed stating that they were protecting the people from themselves. When Nite-Owl asked why they had become so violent, and what happened to the American Dream, Blake responded: "What happened to the American Dream? It came true. You're looking at it."


Eddie somehow discovered Ozymandias' secret plan to attack New York City, and was horrified by the machinations, yet he remained silent about it. In October of 1985, he visited Edgar Jacobi, his former arch-enemy "Moloch", while he was drunk. Sobbing, he told him that everything in life was a joke, yet he could not understand the one that he saw on the island, before departing in an inebriated stupor. A few days later, Veidt kicked in the door of Blake's apartment; beat him senseless and threw him from the window to his death.

Doomsday Clock

Sometime after he left the earth, Dr. Manhattan teleported Blake away before he hit the ground, causing him to land in an ocean on Prime Earth. Manhattan met him as he washed up on the shore. Some time later, Blake broke into Lexcorp Tower, shot Lex Luthor and tried to kill Ozymandias.[1]

He then hunted down the Marionette and the Mime, and almost killed one of them before being subdued by The Joker.[2]



  • Comedian's Button
  • Comedian's Costume I: The Comedian's original gaudy costume, consisting of a bright yellow and purple boiler suit. He had purple gloves and boots as well a similarly colored domino mask over his eyes to protect his identity. Also, he had a bright red belt buckle in the shape of a laughing face.
  • Comedian's Costume II: In 1941, he was stabbed and decided to convert his costume into something more protective. He then produced the armor that would serve him throughout the rest of his career, made out of thick leather and patriotic shoulder pads, although he kept the same mask.


  • Eddie Blake was born in 1924.
  • Eddie Blake weighed 180lbs at 16 years old when he was arrested as a minor and sent to a juvenile delinquent facility.



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