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Edward Bloomberg also known as Red Devil was a superhero with demonic powers and a former sidekick to Blue Devil.

He eventually had a fall out with Blue Devil for unknown reasons and started working for Baron Winters. However, he failed to help Winters when he was sent to save a magician's life and as a result was kicked out. This continual failure led him to go to the Sanctuary, where he was killed by The Flash when the latter briefly lost control of his powers. Despite their falling out, Blue Devil mourned him and was present for his funeral service.[1]


  • Flame-Breath: Red Devil is able to project waves of hellfire out of his mouth.[2]
  • Infernal Teleportation: Red Devil is able to teleport via rifts. He uses his infernal flame to tear a hole in the fabric of reality, allowing himself and others to travel across great distances instantly.[2]



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